Bay Lake Doodles

 24 Years Breeding Premium Health Tested * Est 1998*

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Petite Mini-Regular Mini & Mediums Pups are Australian Bred Doodles  and Golden Doodles  $ 2800.00

Florida Finest Doodle Breeder  See our References! 

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 We are keeping our premises Covid Free and will expect mask worn and limited people entering our property, we also have 6 month waiting list for pups .We give you a 5 year Health Guarantee on our Puppy's

because we are Confident about our Health Testing and

we Believe in NuVet Supplements for Optimum Health for life. WE Some times LOOK FOR GUARDIAN HOMES   Our Doodles are free once contract is over

Authentic Australian Multi generation Labradoodles

                            Orlando Florida 

Extensive Health testing OFA,Eye Cerf, Cardio &  more. DNA for over 21yrs. Hands on tender loving care round the  clock. Raised in House From our Hands to Yours !

Miniature Doodles, Medium & Standards- Therapy and Service Dog Lines. All Colors such as; Reds Parti Brown and White,Red & White, Creams Apricots, Blacks & Phantoms and more

In home and Never Kennel raised Doodles- Our home is their home! We practice hands on Puppy Culture training techniques, we also offer guardian homes for some of our males and females.

We Invite you to Pick out your Puppy in our home, we never allocate pups ,1st deposit gets 1st pick after breeder. We do not Early Spay and Neuter due to health concerns & growth plate development but send pups home on a strict Agreement. Because of Covid 1 person

at a time allowed in to pick puppy !

See our Wonderful References; from people that have our Doodles; Mayor Buddy Dyer, Karen Dyer, Mayor Teresa Jabobs & her family have 3, famed Restaurant Critics, City Commissions all over, Orlando, Winter Park, Jacksonville, Panama, Boca Raton, Ft Lauderdale,West Palm Beach, Keys,Dominican Republic,Puerto Rico   Canada, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Hawaii, NC,SC,Texas. California, Virginia, Georgia,NY,New Jersey. Ohio,Connecticut, Boston,Davie Fl, Clearwater,Tampa,St. Pete,Sarasota & more

Legand named after John Legand Event

Ozzy of Jet & Smudge 2021

Leslie Minder Family has Many Bay Lake Doodles St Pete Fl

Easter 2021

Baby Clara of Meggie 

& Lil Red 2021

KNOW that the Covid Pandameic has changed our LifeStyle

tremendously and that Most of us Breeders can not keep up with

with the Demand for a New Furry Doodle to join their home. 

The Demand is greater than I have ever seen in many years

We can not guarantee the sex of pup, males and females are both

spectacular and color should not be an option with a great

pedigree. Temperament should come first. Please take time to

read our Website, references, and Contract to buy.


Puppy brought $ 5,000

Last year at the Florida hospital Gala 2017 & 2018 2019 for Cancer Research  Theme Masquerade " Phantom of Opera " and more 

They are back after 14 yrs to get their 2nd Doodle so lovely to visit again

Mayor Teresa Jacobs back for 3rd Doodle  sitting with Cinderella & her Puppy

Mayor Buddy and Karen Dyer have 2 of our Doodles & brought a friend over in Aug 2018 to get another Doodle from us. We have fabulous buyers from all over US and Foreign Country's too. See our Dedicated page to Nicole Johnson Former Miss America & Director of Juvenille Diabetes Foundation  

"   Come where everybody knows their Name  !  " 



Specializing in Well Bred Tested  OFA Eye Cerf and More  

Visit our Pedigree Pages on our Australian Labradoodles . We have Doodles  all over Florida & the Country such as; Miami ,South Fla. , Naples, Vero Beach, Jupiter Fla, The Keys, Georgia, , Tampa , St Pete, Clearwater, Sarasota ,SC, NC , NY, NJ, Montana, Washington, Maine 3 in Israel, 2 in Germany, 1 in Sweden.  Canada, Puerto Rico, several in the Dominican Republic .We are proud of our Doodles and our New Families.


See why Veterinarians buy from us Florida Ga South Carolina, Tampa & Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach & more

We do not Post pups on our Website. Please like us on facebook to see announcements and contact us thru website or facebook, We do have a waiting list on our babies.  If you are on our Wait list with a deposit you will get  pictures and updates.

Cali in California with Marks family

Leslie Minder with family & friends has 3 Bay Lake Doodles and getting new pup from Cinderella - Post Card Perfect Oct 2018 




 Call or email us and Like us on facebook We love to personally speak with you . Hands on customer care & pups always !!!

Lil Red 



Marni   &  Georgie Girl

Jack Doodle Daniels 

Legand goes home 

This is Puppy Legand that we Donated to Florida Hospital Legendary Gala ! 

John Legend Performed at the the Golden Gala and thats how Legend got his name. The Puppy Brought $ 6,000 to fabulous Dr. & Family - Nov 2018

John Legend

Thank you John Legend we had great time -Even his singers got to meet Puppy Legend

Our Doodles get Nu Vet Supplements Ck out our page on why they are so healthy and live long lives !

Lil Red always in my heart ! 2011-2021 My DARLING BOY-BEST FRIEND 

If love could have kept you here would have never left !