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Bay Lake Australian Labradoodles Orlando Fla
Florida's  1st Labradoodles
Breeder !


 Marcia Mobley
407-773-3434   Orlando Fla         email :

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We post Daily updates on Facebook and new pictures. Website has Adult pic and lots of info we have gathered through years.

Est. 1998  First Labradoodle Breeder in Florida. Hobby Breeder, Grooming and Training for 26 years. See Why our clients come back for another Puppy of even 3 or 4 thru the Years, also sending friends and relatives. Check our references. 

We are never too busy to Talk about Our Labradoodles. We do not have you submit money thru Internet with out Talking to you and getting to know you. 

Five Year Health Guarantee if you use Nu Vet Supplements, we have used them  18 years, my Vet loves how healthy my doodles are. My recents girl Annie passed at o17 yrs old, recently my girl Rocket at 12 came home with perfect blood work that was perfect. They do live Longer ! See it on my Website Its Remarkable, Our babies start out with it in their food.

Our Clients have become  our Friends for Life !  Mayor Buddy Dyer, has Sammy annd she is the PULSE NIGHTCLUB tragedy therapy Doodle, former Mayor Teresa Jabobs has 3 ,2 and 1 for her daughter. Alan Gingburg of Fla Hospital Chairman and Donator of Hospital Wings, has been here and brought several Puppy buyers,
Tara Olmstead  and Jack Olmstead of Tri City Electric are great friends thru our Labradoodles and have 2. Many Attorneys and Physicians i Orlando Winter Park have 0ur Doodles, Bruce Knox of Knox Nursery and his with Amanda have 2 and have brought over several friends   & relatives. Former Miss Universe, Stefanie came here for her Australian Labradoodle after her winning and was recommended to us. Golf legends and Baseball Sports Players, Soccer Team of Orlandd and Just WONDERFUL PEOPLE in total have loved our Doodles. Not to mention Germany and Israel customers and Sweden to name a few dog lovers. Thats what it is about, Gotta Love these Unique Non-Shedding Smart Comical Dogs. no matter what you do.

If you have allergy these Dogs make it so possible to have a Pet Dog when years ago they where not available. Now thru the Associatios and pedigree of these dogs established thru Australian Labradoodle Association and WALA you can have a well tested Doodle, Cardio Hips Eyes and DNA done, So what's not to Love... 

Come where every Doodle knows its Name

We have attended many Gala Events thru Fla Hospital / Advent Health for kids Beating Cancer, former Miss American Nicole
Johnson has 2, therapy Labradoodles trained to alert Diabetes. We have Donated to JDRS  Juvenile Diabetes Foundation  Gala for years, Our Last Austrailan Labradoodle ELVIS Brought  $ 22,000 in  the Nov 22 GALA  See his picture below.

image1 (3).jpeg

Leslie Minder Family has Many Bay Lake Doodles St Pete Fl


Legand named after John Legand Event

Puppy Brought
$ 6800.00 @ Annual Sumter College Gala 4/9/21 We are Proud !


Last year at the Florida hospital Gala 2017 & 2018 2019 for Cancer Research  Theme Masquerade " Phantom of Opera " and more 


Mayor Teresa Jacobs back for 3rd Doodle  sitting with Cinderella & her Puppy

Marcia, fudgetta Roseanne H and pup.jpg

They are back after 14 yrs to get their 2nd Doodle so lovely to visit again

Mayor Buddy and Karen Dyer have 2 of our Doodles & brought a friend over iAug 2018 to get another Doodle , Former Mayor Teresa Jacobs has 3,Alan Ginsburg at Florida Hospital Contribuator has been here 2 times to buy our Doodles over last yr. Tara Olmstead & Jack Olmsted Owner Tri City Electric gave 2.We have fabulous buyers from all over US and Foreign Country's too. See our Dedicated page to Nicole Johnson Former Miss America & Director of Juvenile Diabetes Foundation has 2 and 1 page is dedicated to her and her Diabetic Alert doodle. We where very
proud to have Miss America get 2 doodles from us and Miss Universe 2019



No Dog Kennels for Us ! Hand Raised in Our Home

Cali in California with Marks family


Leslie Minder with family & friends has 3 Bay Lake Doodles and getting new pup from Cinderella - Post Card Perfect Oct 2018 


Puppy brought $ 5,000




 Call or email us and Like us on facebook We love to personally speak with you . Our Dogs live in our Home Not Kennels. Hands on training & more  pups come first always !!! Our Pups are started on doggie door training at 4 weeks old

Getting dressed up in our Christmas paja

This is Puppy Legand that we Donated to Florida Hospital Legendary Gala ! 


Jack Doodle Daniels 

Visit our site. We have Doodles all over Florida & the Country such as; Miami ,South Fla. ,Naples, Vero Beach, Jupiter Fla, The Keys, Georgia, Tampa ,St Pete, Clearwater, Sarasota ,SC, NC , NY, NJ, Montana, Washington, Maine 3 in Israel, 2 in Germany, 1 in Sweden.  Canada, Puerto Rico, several in the Dominican Republic .We are proud of our Doodles and our New Families.
See why Veterinarians buy from us Florida Ga South Carolina, Tampa & Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach & more

alaa logo.jpg 2015-10-17-20:33:20

John Legend

John Legend Performed at the the Golden Gala and thats how Legend got his name. The Puppy Brought $ 6,000 to fabulous Dr. & Family - Nov 2018

Thank you John Legend we had great time -Even his singers got to meet Puppy Legend

woundedwarrior card.jpg 2015-12-31-23:49
blossomparti pups.jpg

Lil Red always in my heart ! 2011-2021 My DARLING BOY-BEST FRIEND 

If love could have kept you here would have never left !

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