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Dams   Page 2  &  3      Some of Our Doodles  Live in Co Ownership Homes & Some are Retired Now 



Rocket & Pups 10/18/17

of Revlon

Cover Girl of Revlon

 Willie x Maple got married Goldendoodles Dec 2017

Clover of Cinder x Willie

Ruby from Trinity Labradoodles  Our New Red Girl

MMia x Raisin are Identical of Fudgetta x Sir Winston

Biscotti of Meadow x Sir Winston

Mabel of Scarlett 

Ruthie of Gracie x Jack  Black & Tan Phantom

Smudge of Olivia x Jack Choc x Tan Phantom 

Blossom Parti Time 

Scarlett x Hazel both of Cinderella 1 y apart

Hazel      &  Cinderella              moma

We Owned Monarch at onetime and she lives with another breeder now retired - Maybelline & Rusty where both born here at Bay Lake Doodles 

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