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Planned Litters

Bay Lake Doodles - Once Born our Pups can be seen @ 4 weeks old -



We have New Littters April May & June 2019

Write Email for more info; Mini & Mediums



Our Puppies are born in the house and are trained in the house- We practice Bio Sensor Stimualtion, Puppy Culture with activity gyms and toys for a well rounded socialized puppy. When they leave Bay Lake Doodles you will get a great pup, socialized and very well loved. From our loving hands to yours. 



We start out at 4 weeks with Mush pup food from Ultimates Pro Pak and continue to feed for several months  and use the dry kibble formula and you should too. you can switch up food as long as it has a good rating. We also like Wellness, Natural Balance Duck & Potato, Fromm is very good but do the transition slowly .

Read our Potty tip training-ear cleaning tips and more. 


Your puppy should have all of his/her shots before going to NEW PLACES. 


Just ask us  about how much we love our Doodles & their fabulous smart, funny, loving companion for anyone looking for a  4 legged Kid to join your family  !!!


Puppy training avail weather you live in Orlando or any part of Florida , to be trained for a fee and kept here for minimum 1 or 2 weeks.








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