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Difference Golden Doodle vs Australian Bred Labradoodle

Many Buyers ask this Question Alot. After 25 yrs Let me try and explain. What I Know.

I love both !!! But the breeding that does into a Multi Generation Australian Labradoodle is very different. First of all, I ever bred English Labradors beause of their Stocky Body and Calm Temperment.  The Wonderful English Lab ! Not American bred Lab, way to yper for me and long legged. Some of our Labs came from Champion Labradors proven in Westminister and AKC Finals, we took 2 allway to Grand Nationals. These Labradoode Pups started out from Champion Labs and Akc and Europe lines, both Poodle and Lab for me.  Oh the countless hrs I could spend talking and writing about my Sandyland Kennels Labradors from England I bought, my Liberty for all Miss Libby whos mother came from Trendy Labs, Queenie great Black Lab took finals in Show. My Red Labs from great lines Keepsake. The Famous  Black lines written about in The Lab that Does it All. The most sought after lines in the World.

English Cream Golden Retrievers from Europe, Sweden called Enghish Cream, not White.  Sweethearts of the Golden Retrievers, not American not Red

but the Best. Owned Several from Great lines, Dewmist a well known breeder and more. Sweet dispositions .

25 yrs AGO i SAW THE AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLE ! i LOVED THE COMBINATION , that was it,  First of  11 Doodle Breeders in US and 1st in Florida

The breeding started F1 Lab x Poodle and F1b then F2 and F3 and came Labradoodle to Labradoodle a Multi generation for a more consistant Coat type

creating allergy friendly Doodle, no shedding and a Great comical dog, intelligent and so easy to train.

5 years later for me  I bought my First English Cream Golden Retriever, had my English bred Poodle and began that journey. Coats where thick and breeding became popular, however your Golden could only really be bred to Poodle then came challange of breeding Golden Doodle to another Golden Doodle to try and get a nice fleecy coat, sometimes they came out more Golden with shedding coats. You can only bred Golden Doodle to another from another breeder of course to establish a nice fleece coat but can also end up with more Wool coat poodle type coat. I would never attempt F 3 and over but they have come long way thru other Golden Doodle breeders. We bred a litter 1-2 times years and love them.

Hope this info is helpful to all. Both Doodles are wonderful !!!

Our Pictures below

Golden Doodle Pup              Australian Labradoodle Multi Generation                 Golden Doodle Puppy F1b

Heading 6

 We Love Dr. Ken Simmons in Palm Beach what a great Friend and we miss him and his wife Alice  he and Alice and 2 Goldens lost their Lives  in the Sea- He was a true friend and mentor of mine. 

Dr Ken Simmons DVM of Simmons Vet Clinic

 Dr Ken Simmoons


Cinderella Australian Labradoodle Multi Gen

Mango Our F2 Golden Doodle                                                Ivory had this Sweet F2 Golden Doodle          Stoli on Ice Our Fabulous Golden Retriever


Chowder our Retriever & Magnolia Of Dewmist                   Gabby Smith our Choc Lab of Bare Nesscessities        Lil Red Australian Labradoodle


Otis Multi Generation Labradoodle                                    Daisy Multi Gen Labradoodle

Edited Image 2016-01-22 18-56-15

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