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 Bay Lake Doodles -Taking Puppy Home

Before Bringing Pup Home & What we send

your Pup Home with :

Also Read Below about Grooming Pupppies

1. Establish Crate Training in your Bedroom Read our Tips, We always talk you day you take home.

2, Pups do not train themself you do, get a routine from day one, have pup attend pup class after shots are done and start sit stay and come from day one. 


4. Do not take pup anywhere til your vet says its okay after shots done -keep home your yard

5. Get puppy use to baths, blow dryer, we do before you get your puppy This is important. Do not wait to brush puppy

    start right away. Do not wait to call Mobile groomer to give puppy first cut at 10-12 weeks. I have seen customers wait til 

    6 months, its difficult on the puppy. You must establish this early or puppy will hate grooming. Learn to hold rub feet and         massage them, we do from day one at birth. We establish Bio sensor on new pups thru 8 weeks.  We establish training

   for doggie doors at 5 weeks old. Some crate training and holding and loving puppy plus Puppy culture guidelines, toys all         kinds of climbing  exercises,  pups need and get all kinds of items to play with. and attention to us by coming when called.       Good breeders know how important this is. 

6. Unfortunately and because of Covid puppies should see all kinds of people, with hats, beards,umbellas and so much more      for good socialization, to help them be more well rounded.

We can breed a Healthy Smart Loving Puppy- YOU MUST CONTINUE THESE THINGS WE MENTION !!!

From our Loving Hands to yours !         



Great Reading for Training & Understanding your New Puppy


The Monks of New Skete -The Art of Raising a Puppy ( is our favorite book) & DVD



Another Piece of the Puzzle: Puppy Development by Pat Hastings 


Before & After Getting Your Puppy: The Positive Approach to Raising a Happy, Healthy, and Well-Behaved Dog by Dr. Ian Dunbar


How to Raise a Puppy You can Live With by Clarice Rutherford and David H. Neil



My Smart Puppy by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah WilsonThe Puppy Primer by Patricia B. McConnell, PhD & Brenda Scidmore  







Sending Puppy Home :


Your Puppy goes home with Food- Blanket Toys- Nuvet Supplements Samples & Brochure & Lots of Tips on how to get your Puppy Use to New Home with you WHEN YOU COME TO GET PUP

We like Snuggle Puppy that comes with beating heart for youe new puppy 

see to order one for your new baby.


Things we use and Recommend to you :


Pick a All Natural Food to raise your puppy on, we use FROMM Puppy a for Our Adults and ULTIMATE PRO PUPPY KIBBLE  & FROMM fo Natural Balance Duck & Potato  are great puppy foods, We stay away from Chicken and Beef Recipes or  and Fromm  & there are many swell rated food out there We order our food right now from or our Local Pet store


 Medication to prevent heart worms is a is a must ! monthly -we use Heartguard chewable.



Flea & Tick Medication is important and we never use TRIFEXS  Comfortis Bravetco and many more-it is not safe for dogs it has side effects, regardless of what Vets claim, Our Choice is ACTIVYL and can be bought on Amazon for reduced price of what vet may charge It does not penetrate the organs of the dog and stays on top of hair and skin

also last 3-4 months according to wt and size . check amazon and other



Stainless Steel Bowls do not harbor bacteria like Plastic and last life time



Ear Cleaners are a Must for all dogs and should be used monthly to prevent problems We like all Natural Ear Cleaner - See OUR PAGE ON TEP POWDER for EARS AND HOW TO KEEP EARS INFECTION FREE.

We use Apple Cider Vinegar & Witch Hazel 50/50 mixed for Ear Cleaning



We also use TEP powder or Thornit Powder  and also called  Clear All( same ingredients -use monthly to keep our dogs ears from bacteria , black gunk in the ears due to ear mites and more you can order this on line, vets do not sell it, its a breeders secret formula for years.



Harness for training is best it does not pull on Pups neck


Training is important part of raising a Puppy, seek out a nice facility once puppy has had all shots,  training can start @ 8 weeks old in home dog trainer as Doodle Pups are very intelligent.




Trimming Nails is Important part of GROOMING






Grooming Puppies :


Understanding the doodle puppy coat

It’s important for puppy to get accustomed to grooming as soon as possible.
It is too often a doodle puppy visits the groomer for the first time at 6 months or older, this is not good. Talk to your groomer if you do not have one find one ASAP Early stage grooming gets your doodle pup familiar with different sounds, touches and feelings they do not get at home. Bring your pup to the groomer for in and out visits (pre-booked) were you stay for just a few minutes just for nails and ear hair desensitizing, no need for them to go into a crate or touch the floor. I always recommend that pups get professionally bathed and dried at least two time before a full groom to help them get accustomed to all the sounds and scary things. Every pups coat is different when it comes to being ready for there first groom, it could be as early as 3 months and as late as 8 months but in that time frame we train them how to stand on the grooming table, teaching them what the clipper sounds and feel like, our very loud dryer, brush, comb, nail grinder, ear hair pulling, ear cleaning, feet handling and how to properly stand still for scissor work on a grooming table.

The consequence of waiting results in a stressed, frightened, whining or squealing puppy with too much hair, clogged ears along with SHARP teeth and toenails that badly damage the arms of the dog groomer and gives pup a negative association with coat maintenance.

This is truly a shame, because a first negative memory is hard to change into a second positive association and a puppy that is already scared and reserved by nature could be scarred for life by this. 

Ignorance in these cases can be disastrous for the well-being of the puppy because the owners unwittingly give it the wrong start to a lifetime of regular grooming.



Puppy coat maintenance and preparing your puppy

A puppy coat is loose, thin and airy and does not even remotely look like a mature coat of a Doodle, which is much thicker, somewhat stiffer in structure and a whole lot longer, doodle hair never stops growing.

Because the puppy coat does not tangle, a life full of regular coat maintenance seems to be far away. Still, the early puppy period is the perfect time to let your puppy get used to a life of coat maintenance.  The earlier you have your puppy get used to it, the less stressed and unsure she/he will be in future grooming sessions.


Grooming Training at home

 As you start your puppy on their new routines such as potty training, meal times, walking on leash etc.,  it is also very important to start grooming training; work it into you routine, do not put it off thinking it too much for them at a young age and that their coat is too nice to worry about.This would be a big mistake!

Here are just a few recommendations to help easy puppy onto a grooming routine:

 Make sure you have tools needed for grooming before you bring puppy home.

Master groomer brush  slicker brushes  stainless steel pins nice large comb metal found at,   Wal-Mart.. good source too. Treats for reward when grooming


For the first few times hold your puppy in your lap after they have pottied and had a good romp so they are a little wore out. Turn on the tool and just touch your arm and face, rub up and down your arm but make sure you are holding your puppy.  Sometimes the sound can make them want to flee, Do not let them (prepare for it by keeping a leash on them and tucked under your leg) and ignore them the whole time, whether they whine, cry, and whimper. Do not baby them, do not tell them it’s ok or good boy, not one word and do not stop no matter how bad it seems. By talking or stopping, you are rewarding that behavior and they will learn they will get their way.  When they do stop, reward them with lots of love and a tasty treat!

When you are confident that your puppy is calm when you turn on the clippers, progress to the next stage (Please note that these sessions are only minutes long and only once a day. As soon as your puppy stops wiggling and is happy, you treat and praise.  You are done for that day.)

Continue holding the tool and go down your arm onto your hand that is holding the puppy and allow the vibration to be felt through your hand and onto the pup, if your pup is ok with this continue down onto his body.  Lightly glide over his body between the legs, under his tail (important area)

When your pup no longer minds these actions and will stay still, continue onto next step.

While holding you puppy, work with his feet starting with no tools, just your hands. Hold one foot at a time, examine his foot by feeling between toes and opening up the pad.  Stick your fingers in and move the hair around every crook and cranny. Most pups will fight and pull away, your goal is to work with them until they no longer pull away.  Remember, if they cry, whine, and yelp during training you may need to do this several days. Do not talk to your pup while they struggle or pull away place them back into your lap and continue!

Almost done; next slide the tool (clipper or massage tool) on the bottom of the foot, hold the foot and press lightly onto nails and pads of feet. Do this with one foot at a time for the first few sessions, and then move onto all in one session. I cannot emphasize how important it is to not let the sessions end on a bad note, never let your puppy pull away or cause you stop because he is screaming or whining, you will have taught him how to get away with such behavior wait until he has calmed.  Treat your pup and be finished for that session. Sometimes you will have set backs on the days your pup has more energy.

Once you have mastered the feet and body you move to the head and ears, the sensitive areas. While gliding the tool over the body, never in a fast motion, slide it up under the neck and chin (just briefly) and then back to the body to gauge his reaction. Continue to repeat several times, if all is well then slide from neck to cheek and right back down to body, never lifting tool from the body.  Again, do not stop if pup struggles and remember to treat for a job well done.

While sliding the tool under the chin, continue to the cheek and back down to neck and body, repeat from cheek to ear and over the head to the back, stay on the back and body for a few moments then back to the chin. Do not allow the pup to bite the tool EVER, if they are biting at it or your hands you must firmly say "NO!" and because we are not talking during training, pup will respond quickly. Continue to glide the tool under and around his ears and face. Remember to treat for job well done.

Move onto using the brush and comb all over the body in the same way as above, you should be able to move much faster now that you have gain trust and understanding.

Congratulations!!! You are doing a great job! At this point, you will have earned great trust and have formed a bond that will allow you to train your puppy. 


If you elect to have a groomer come to your home, in which I recommend, we also use Mobile groomer, your pup and adult likes the comfort of home more, I never drop my dogs at a groomers facility and leave them.  Too many things can happen ; injury, kennel cough diseases - something to keep in mind.




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