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We have been breeding Labradoodles & Sometimes Golden Doodles for 23 yrs now. On Jan 2020 we experienced a massive fire in our home, it was without saying a very devasting disaster to say least, But... we have rebuilt and still rebuilding now. We could not survived without the wonderful customers that ran to our side, the fabulous breeder community thru out to United States and Europe , support and gracious donations and more. I was humbled in shock and so very grateful to everyone !  Then we get hit ths year with Covid 19 and locked down, so all of us are living in a whole different world.  We have experienced 10 fold customer inquiries , and all of us breeders with Doodles certainly understand Wanting a Furry loving well bred Doodle to joind their family. The waiting list is 5-6-to 1 year long. Repeat customers coming back and more. 


We will be  glad to discuss our policy and your new adventure with a 4 legged family member, only to be gotten from us if this new additiion in not just a temporary fix because of our shut down, your decision should be for life long commitment as always.

We love our Puppies and have operated differently since the fire  and until we are permantly back in our Main residence, as we have a couple of different people helping us raise our Mommy dogs and Puppies but remain , of course hands on. 

Thank you everyone after 23 yrs of knowing and helping us th still be Florida's Finest Doodles !!! 


Marcia                                                 407-773-3434

If you want to read the story in News on the fire

Had to share this this is fantastic look

Only in Chicago                 Our Favorite Time of Year ,all of our Doggie Doodle  Stockings. See some of our recent 2020

and 2021 Pictures here and Facebook

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