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Enviornmental Safe Things for your Pets

I know what has worked for us and my Doodles all these years. First let me express my opinions, we live in a terribly toxic world. just because the FDA says it was approved it does not mean its safe ! 

my Approch is to go as natural as you can, humans or dogs.  That means all natural pet food, NOT GROCERY STORE CHAIN FOOD. AND WE HAVE FEED GRAIN FREE FOR 20 YRS. The FDA approved saying grain free saying it caused Cardio problems in dogs, not true, only dogs that have been known to the pedigree problems and there are some. Not my doodles. What an uproar and now they have come back in 2020 saying its okay, do not believe all the hype. I know that dogs in general have problems with chicken and beef-based foods. so do some toxic flea pills and combination pills that claim to do it all.

We do not advocate Flea pills and remedies he Vets hand out saying they are safe. too many deaths reported for Trifexis, Comfortis, simpatico and so so many more. Capstar for fleas is great and not dangerous to rid fleas, but needs to be given daily when combating a flea problem, you have to kill fleas in house and eggs, treat house and dog and bedding, there is great product called wonderside out there expensive but good, lemongrass, pepperment ,lavender, etc kill fleas, Walmart has the knockoff and its same stuff green and white spray bottle, look for it.

We only use Heartguard chew ables for Heart Worm protection and this is a must especially in Fla do not fall victim  to combination drugs they can cause neurological problems

Our Favorite Foods for Puppies for 1 year is Fromm our Favorite food for adults is ordered thru and is Pro Pac fish and potato, we also like Natual Balance Duck and Potato. There are others but never Blue Buffalo too many recalls !

Excessive shots for puppies and Adults, do not let your vet over dose too many shots at one time, you get a health certificate from Bay Lake Doodles and our vet make sure after 1st shot we give you get follow 2nd and 3rd shot and never Lepto shot or Rabies until over 4 months, and yearly updated shots up to 3 yrs, then we never give shots to older dogs over 5-6 yrs of age.Asked your vet to do a Blood titer to see if vaccines is still in blood line if they insist. unfortunately, your good breeders know these things and will not over-vaccinate. After the 1st follow Rabies in 1 yr you can get 3 yrs Rabies shots. We never vaccinate Dogs

over 7-8 yrs old that is total over vaccination.

There are many toxins in lawn spraying for bugs they can cause health problems and allergy and more if you can use Food grade DE powder from a Nursey and only food-grade it kills fleas on your pet and yard.

We never are in favor of Dog Parks, too many dangers there, dog fights and diseases, you have no idea what protection shots from Parvo and so many more diseases other person dog has been vaccinated for. Just not a great place for your dog.

If I can educate you a little I am glad to do it

thank you 

Marcia Mobley

Bay Lake

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