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Picking  Out Your  Bay Lake Doodles Puppy 

When Pups are born they are in  a Special Bedroom here in the house we keep watch over them  24 hrs a day , their room is kept sterile and clean , no one but us handles the puppies . 


When you come to Pick out your Puppy or have us Pick a Puppy for  you -they can not be seen until they are 4 weeks old- We help you make a great selection , 1st deposit gets 1st pick after us if we are going to retain a pup for future breeding and so on, WE DO NOT ALLOCATE ( YOU PICK YOUR BABY )  we feel its important to come here and meet you and help you make a good choice, if you are out of town in another state we will send you videos and pic and help you that way also.  Many years experience doing so


Puppy Pick up day will be held on a Sat so that all new Puppy buyers can come the same day and we can 

have a scheduled short class on Puppy Basics. Please designate one family member to be here on announced date & time, if not everyone can come in the family. ( Only exception is to out of State buyers flying into Orlando. thank you in advance, it is fun to meet the other buyers and pups.





We also Practice Bio Sensor Stimulation Everyday & Offer our Babieuyers flying in yerss lots of exercise testing & stimulation toys  as they are raised in house around noises and more .



Puppies are to be paid for in full when you pick out pup at 4 weeks out ( no exceptions


We ask if  you do come here ,you do not visit any other breeders home, a pet store or park for fear of debris on your shoes and diseases that can be carried in the house. Parvo can stay on your shoes and the tire tracks also, it is very deadly to pups. We will ask you to use  hand sanitizer and more please carry some.


All puppies go home with a Clean bill of health from our vet and 1st vaccines  A Florida Health Certificate is Issued for you to take to your Vet for 2nd and 3rd shots.  Rabies @ 4 months and not before then, Also Puppies can be subjected to Cocci & Giardia  Parasite Outbreaks after they go home even though they did not test positive for it, it can be stress related of new location and new home jitters, it happens all time, but know they they are tested and wormed and proper for getting them ready for new home also



Your Puppy will be given :








1. A New Blanket that is rubbed on mom and the other Pups for Scent 



2. Toys


3. Puppy Food  ( we ask you feed your puppy a good all natural food, no corn wheat or fillers  or cheap food) Nutrican plays a key roll in health, ears skin and more



4. We offer you Nu Vet Supplements to give your puppy as they are raised on it and are healthy babies, all mother dogs and fathers are on NuVet , please read our page on what is does for life of your dog


You have a lifetime of Support from me if you need help at any time



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