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Guardian Home Contract          Bay Lake Doodles 407-773-3434  $ 900.00 Initial  Good Faith Deposit ____Paid_____
Dog Name _____________________Birthdate___________ of _________x ________ Breeding @ Bay Lake Doodles____________        ____________Color ______________           Markings ____________Micro chip______ with ________________________.A Guardian Home is Contract between Owner, Marcia Mobley & Guardian(s) that help us further our Breeding Line and give the Opportunity to Own a A Bay Lake Doodle for no cost, except the initial good faith deposit, which is refundable to the Guardian Home. after we have met the following conditions below.Female Pups will be chosen by Marcia Mobley only, for new potential  mother dog, to be raised by a guardian. Marcia Mobley will pay for any medical expense testing the dog and pregnancy test etc or surgery. Guardian home pay for initial Puppy shots after our vet has given 1st set of shots, up-to-date shots and flea meds and or heart guard preventionsFemales are not bred until 2nd heat cycle, its important that the guardian home notifies Marcia Mobley of 1st heat at 6 mo. to 1 yr to document the File ___Initial here. Guardian Home agrees to keep doodle dog Groomed and brushed no matts ___Initial here. Guardian Home agrees to keep dog inside, never loose in backyard ___Int. here Must have fenced yard ___Init here. At anytime the dog needs medicql attention Guardian home agrees to call Marcia right away ____ Init. here. ___ Guardian Home agrees to send up to date pictures Monthly ____ Intitial here.At 8 months old a female or male will have a prelimb xray Paid by Marcia Mobley and Guardian Home will agree to take Dog for an appointment.This contract Establishes that Marcia Mobley Owns the Dog mentioned in this Contract, Our females may only be bred 1 time for our purpose of creating a litter to carry on, More than 2 puppies make a litter. So if only 2 are born we will repeat the breeding a 2nd time. Otherwise, we will have said female described Spay becoming Full Ownership of theDescribed below Guardian. ___Initial Here. Spay or Neuter will be paid for by Marcia Mobley at her vet or your vet. not until  Marcia Mobley gives up Ownership in writing.We hope this contract will allow you to Own one of our Special Doodles and that we can further carry on our gene pool. See stipulations at bottom of this contract & signature(s) Date ___
Name(s) ________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________
City_____ State___ Zip Code ___
Employment (both Husband & Wife __________________________________________________________________________________
Emergency Phone Numbers (name, Relatives (3)_____________________________________________________________
Under this contract,  MARCIA MOBLEY OWNS THE DOG, THE GUARDIAN has the opportunity to care for dog permanetly only after the breeding is completed, only by Marcia Mobley, not the guardian,the said Dog below,is not to be moved or transported anywhere other than your said residence. This is a violation of the Guardian home contract & dog must be returned to Marcia Mobley immediately. If at any time Guardian does not keep up with grooming, its violation of  this contract & Marcia Mobley has the right to ask for the dog back without any further discussion, The contract will be voided. Your Deposit will be refunded  & dog is released back to Marcia Mobley/Bay Lake Doodles.Males can be bred at 1 year old, females on 2nd heat cycle. Normally 2 yrs old or 18 months. Before signing the two parties Guardian & Marcia Mobley will go over a list of Flea Meds that ok, shots that can be given after Core vaccines are done & more. You will always tell your vet this is a Breeding Dog and that Marcia Mobley owns the dog and she has permission to discuss medical files & shot protocols with them.Please agree that you will have Puppy trained in a Class, that you will commit to this agreement. You will Give dog NuVet Supplements during this agreement and any treatment Marcia Mobley approves of.
Signed  & Dated ________
Guardian(S)_______________________               Marcia Mobley/Breeder Owner _________Dated  ____

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