Guardian Home Contract   To be a Guardian for us Fee is $900.00 in which you get back after we do 1 Breeding ,you can then Own your Doodle ,an Australian Labradoodle for this Amt.

Help us keep our Breedings going !

Call or Text Marcia @

407-773-3434  cell # 

Home # 407-523-8216


We also Pick the Puppy or Young Adult as we know which Dogs 

are Best suited to carry on our Breeding Lines.

If you would like to be considered for one of our Labradoodles that we can place in your home and its one of our choices to continue to help us raise our Breeding girls we would love to talk to you  now . Below are requirements that we ask of you, please read carefully and see if this is something you would like to do. Its a wonderful opportunity to have one of our Special Doodles in your home.




2. You must be able to be home part of the day and not work 8 hrs day

1 person in the household must be avail in order for us to welcome you in  our breeding program.


3. Be able to let us choose the food your Doodle should eat, let us provide you with NuVet Supplements for your dog every day for life. Please read about the value they bring to healthy dog.


4. Let us help Pick a trainer and get you started with puppy classes for us in which we will pay for.


5. Assist us in Vet appointments for all and every vaccine in which we will pay for. We will provide Heart Guard Medication for you every month and pay for it.  


6. Assist and take dog for initial health testing in Lakeland Fl or qualified Fertility Vet. Do hip xrays for testing We can hqave one of our girls take the dog to Lakeland for testing at 8-9 mo old 


7. Let us guide you and recommend only flea meds we use and all food and treats, no table scraps.


8. Be avail to use a Mobile Groomer and not a facility to have doodle groomed every 6-8 weeks, let us guide you to get correct brushes and combs to be used weekly on your dog. We ask you pay for grooming


9. Be able to pay a $ 900.00 guardian fee with us in which we will refund you at the end of the Contract. Hopefully we can do 1 to 2 breedings and thats it, allow us to birth each litter at Bay Lake Doodles. No exceptions . All doodles must be on leash or fenced yard, Doodle is to be raised in doors only never left out side, Obedience classes are a must,  

or text

10. The Goal is to hopefully place this Doodle with you permanently when breeding is finished !!!

11. Agree to send updated pictures monthly Facebook-email or text



We will have you sign a contract with us to ensure we are both understanding the agreement moving forward. 


Contract Below to be filled out sent to Bay Lake Doodles only after we have agreed to the terms :


Guardian Contract for Bay Lake Doodles

3423 Bay Lake Road Orlando, Fl 32808

407-523-8216 H   407-773-3434 Cell/Text     

Date: ____________

Dog to be Considered for Breeding GH _______________

Female: Name _________________Male: Name ______________

Dam : _________________________Sire:___________________

Birth date: __________________

$ ____________ paid on _______________________


Names(s) ___________________________________________________



Address: ____________________________________________________


Employment Info: ______________________________________________

Both Parties if Married _________________________________________


Home #________________________ Cell #________________________


Veternarin info ______________________________________________




Children ages __________ Fenced yard yes ____ No___ other _________

Employment Name here   Husband   Address:________________________________________________________________________________________________Phone: ________________________


address : _____________________________________________________________

phone :____________________________


 By signing this form you agree to all of the above conditions written in our terms of a Guardian Home. At no time can this dog placed with you be sold, given to another party to raise, or transferred , all dogs must come back to Bay Lake Doodles if you are unable to fulfill our requirements, None of our doodle dogs can be taken out of state if you are transferred elsewhere. 


Signed : __________________________________________(L.S)




Dated :_______________


Breeders Signature below : Marcia G. Mobley Dated ___________



 Some Breeders may want you to have 3-4 litters, We do not need to do that with our program. Most time 1 healthy litter is fine with us ! Every Guardian program is different...



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