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I bred Fabulous Champion English Labradors for many years. I fell in love with the Labradoodle and the excitement of creating Hybrid dogs for better health and offering non shedding puppies with the personality of Labrador and the intelligence of the Poodle. After years we feel our Australian /American Labradoodle is perfect and the most sought after Pet in the World now. We are proud that we where one the 1st Florida Breeder of Labradoodles in Fla. And 11th in United States We Believe Our Puppies should be born in the house with lots of hands on care.


We provide Puppy Culture and Enrichment Tools so that when you get a Bay Lake Doodle they are well adjusted for their new home. 


Our Puppy buyers have included some wonderful individuals you could ask for that come from all walks of Life; We have several Veterinarians in Florida, Georgia NC and Sc that have purchased our Puppies and have come back to buy more than 1 and even 3  & 4 Doodles from us . 





Mayor Buddy Dyer has one of our Doodles names Sammy and goes to City Hall with him


Mayor Teresa Jacobs got  Labradoodles from us and recently and

got one for her daughter in Austin. 3 Doodle babies.


Wonderful Buyers of all Walks of Life have our Doodle Dogs & Several Dr. and their wives have bought our doodles, many business owners in Orlando and Winter Park, Ft Lauderdale, Miami Dominican Republic Spain, England Germany Hawaii  Sweden, California, NY ,NJ , Ohio ,Chicago, Boston Va., so many more places.


I would like to add a Special Note to our Labradoodle References and Disclamer that has been 21 yrs in developing fabulous Australian Labradoodles into our life and daily existence.vIt came to be after 14-15 yrs in business of developing Breeder friends thru out the country that we encounterd 2 breeders that where not of the best intentions when it came to name calling and we have moved forward thru our great customers and relationships that we are Good ethical knowledgeable and hnest with out customers. Unforunately breeding any animal, in the show ring which we did with Labradors, raising great healthy pups and staying on top of current events in medical practices was not enough when it came to running the business. One breeder wrot a terrible review about us when it became apparent that I was not willing to allow one of my males to breed with her females to further her career, I felt I should not, the Rip off report she posted stays on your record forever, the best References you will ever get is from our customers please read them, Veterinarians who purchased our doodles and retrievers, people who have come back to us over 18 yrs and not the employee that was let go for drug use and fired not the  customer that came in my absence and called us out because he could not buy our pick of the litter and wrote an horrible review of our always clean and manicured home, yes home not a kennel no backyard cages not dirty water bowls, it takes a village here and costly but well worth the effort and expense when the Mayor Buddy Dyer comes over to buy a pup and even comes back with a friends at drop of hat in wich we always welcome,  former Mayor Teresa Jabobs, and family who have 3 doodles and have visited many times and sometimes same day as calling and been a wonderful trusted friend to me,people fly in and out Vets come to see your wonderful pups and ten yes there a few selfish mean spirited indivuials that can thru SOCIAL MEDIA try to write nasty reviews and we addressed some of theof them publicly but... it still bothers you if you have a heart and sould for your business and you know you have done all the right things. I encourage anyone that can read in between the lines to ask seek out and get the great references we have had the privilege of obtaining. Wouldn't it be a wonderful WORLD if everyone was Honest and did not have bad attitudes with one another. Thank you- Marcia Mobley Bay Lake Doodles Orlando Fl

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