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References 3   &  Dis claimer Statement issued by me Concerning Social Media 9/1/16

Posted references from our facebook page  may clear up any negative reviews seen on Social Media or the Internet


You should not have to stand your ground  on certain issues concerning your  character but in todays world of social media and people being allowed to post things that effect a negative issue without fact checking  -is necessary I guess to defend yourself After 3 yrs of  continual harrassment it seemed  like right thing to do now


This Statement  was posted 11/8/16 in regards to Negative Rip Off Report  We are glad to resolve these issues posted last year

Marcia Mobley & Maureen Miller of CFL Doodles have agreed to better terms

As of Oct 2016 Maureen Coats Miller of CFL Doodles contacted Marcia Mobley of Bay Lake Doodles and has agreed to put their differences aside, from the negative reports filed Maureen Coats Miller apologized to Marcia Mobley " saying she was very sorry against anything she posted against Bay Lake Lake Doodles, this was a nice conversation between the two of us to make amends and agree the past relationship between us was too valuable to discredit Marcia   of being a bad breeder and we feel that with the years of knowing each other and breeding doodle dogs  what was posted was not so. This is the right thing to do and we both feel much better about moving forward   We are both in agreement that this was made up by Maureen Miller of CFL Doodles and not true h



Over the last few years we posted on our Facebook under my name Marcia Mobley it's become a situation over the past 3 weeks that causes me to have to stop posting my full name and we'll probably just use my initials mg Mobley in the last 3 years there's been another breeder that spells their name the same way that I was in an agreement contract with, my attorney is aware of her and the problems that we have encountered unfortunately she has posted several things on something called a ripoff report and other negative social media report just to let you know things keep cropping up month after month because of this lady and the issues she has created with other breeders & myself and I understand she has not been honest with a Breeders Association, I certainly do not want to be compared or evaluated or put under a microscope like this breeder has done to herself please understand I am not in favour of negative social media information my Facebook account and website it's a pure joy to maintain to interact with current customers past customers and friends I have made over the years it is unfortunate that it's gotten unbearable and ridiculous to try to answer questions about someone else that is creating havoc being associated with someone who spells their name Marcia has not been very pleasant  Comments Below


Vicki Springer Borror You should stand up for yourself as you are doing now my dear friend Mama Marcia. I remember all this from before and hate it is still haunting you. I speak for myself as someone who has 3 wonderful doodles from your breeding program that you do an out...See More

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Debbie Lytle I am sad for you. You DO NOT deserve this. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. I will pray for spiritual protection for you. This kind of hatefulness is evil. We love or doodle from you. Grace and I were just talking about coming to visit you a...See More

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Peggy McElroy Marcia you are a wonderful person and a professional caring loving breeder. You stand up for other breeders and drop everything to do what you can to help other Breeders also. Your dogs have been proven to be a wonderful companions you have done much t...See More

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Vicki Pruitt Trovillion Wow. Sad.

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Debbie Weinstein Kestenberg You need to do whatever is necessary to dissassociate yourself from trash like that and hopefully your attorney will advise and direct you to a solution.

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Kathy Stewart Murrell You have made our family so happy and complete by bringing the best labradoodle into our lives. I'm sorry you are having to deal with this.

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Amanda Fronckoski Aguayo Ripoff report is a joke, it is run by a large pedophile-ish Man, who sits at his computer all day, and makes a living off of people trying to protect their reputation. He forces people to pay an upfront cost of $25,000, plus a monthly fee, to suppress ...See More

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Amanda Fronckoski Aguayo replied · 3 Replies


Karen Cornett Marcia we absolutely love our 2 doodles from you and so does everyone who meets them! If you need a cheerleader or positive feedback please let me know I'm happy to do it! You are the best!!

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Amanda Fronckoski Aguayo If anyone believes him and his Crap page they need to have their head examined.

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Dick Klunk Stand your ground Marcia, when your right you have nothing to worry about😝. We are looking forward to seeing your pups😊. We just aren't ready yet😖

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Rick Floto We love you and your dogs! Change your name to Mama Marcia! Like Vicki mentioned! I always tell people about you and of course recommend you.

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Carla Dunn Marcia hold your head up high, for the people who truly know you they know the truth, it's hard being a breeder, sometimes, do you make customers mad, you can't make everyone happy, I've enjoyed seeing pixs of you wonderful puppies. take care FB friend

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Cynthia Henry Thurlow I am so sorry you are going through this, Marcia. We adore our Cooper and will continue to support you and refer potential customers to you 😊

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Barb Ray I am sad!

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Terry Cowen Keep your head up and believe in yourself! You're a wonderful breeder and produce amazing doodle babies!

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Gail Goldin Seward You are a good and honest person, don't listen to all that negative crap!

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Leah Pickett Tahiry What goes around comes around. This negative Nellie will get what she deserves.

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Marge Brown This is horrifying. YOU, of all people deserve to have nothing but accolades about your wonderful puppies. We can't say enough about how impressive your breeding program is, and how fussy you are about who gets one of your pups. Like so many others, ...See More

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Robin Fort Heist It's a shame you have to give up your good name so that people can make money off it!!sucks!!!

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Paul Toth Marcia, LeAnn and I stand with you. It's terrible that people do these types of actions. But we all know how unstable people can make anyone's life miserable. Take comfort in the fact that your puppies are the best pets from the best Breeder. 😀🐶

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Lauren Steiert Call the local news: The Problem Solvers! This is ridiculous. Anyone who knows you would never believe the lies.

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Linda Tate Sims Our Snickers was 3 months old yesterday. He is doing great! We would highly recommend your doodles!!!

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Janet Prochazka Another hack job?

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Patricia Ahrem Moon Marcia you are a wonderful person and excellent responsible breeder. I got Dudley over 12 1/2 years ago and he still is going strong and is the best dog I have ever had the pleasure of living with. Muffin made a dramatic transformation and is such a sweetie as well. I can vouch for you and think you are awesome ! 🐾

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Connie Trovillo Nall Schenk So sorry to hear of this problem Marcia. You know i am always ready to testify as to your ethics and integrity in doodle breeding. As far as i am concerned there is none better than you and Baylake Doodles!!!!!!☺

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Robin Sue Goldin Lee Marcia for as long as I have known you, (30 + years) you have been an honest and wonderful friend. I am so sorry you are having to deal with this! Love you Marcia! If I can help, call me!

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Robin Sue Goldin Lee replied · 2 Replies


Bruce Gordy Mg,sorry you have to defend your self,can't wait for susu to pick up butler.

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Paula Myers-Willand So sorry you are going thru this. You are a wonderful breeder. You sell exactly what you state you are selling. You are very upfront and that is what\ everyone loves about you. Your labradoodles are beautiful. I hope everything turns out well for you.

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Mary Luvera Marcia you are a wonderful person and excellent responsible breeder. I got Coco 11 1/2 years ago and he still is able to keep up run around and is the best dog I have ever had I and my friends say "he thinks he is human" because he understands everythi...See More

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Joy Zelkind-Dunst If you need anything please let us know! Loki is the best dog I ever had and I have had many in my life! We love you!


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Diane Coy We love our Ryder and Rainey and we love you, too Mama Doodle!

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John W Kozyak happy to try to help. You have our support and confidence

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