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Alumni 4

Teresa Jacobs 2 Doodls from

Teresa Jacobs 2 Doodles from us

Got fixed today Mama Marcia

Story Title

Going home to Miami

Carmella & Mango Puppy

Pickles & Louie Baby

Story Title

Cinder x Lil Red Pup

Mango x Harley Pup

Barkley of Alfie x Lil Red

Bosco of Java x Winston

Ary's Maple

Bentley of Ft Lauderdale

Otis of Peaches x Louie

Went to Arizona 2nd Bay Lake Doodle in 14 yrs

Cindy in Villages her Cagni

Our Boy Jack Doodle from PR Labradoodles

Oreo x Louie Parti Mini Lily

Harley & Mango baby

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