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We believe in health testing all of our Dogs that are potential Dams & Sires and we also purchase health tested Dogs from other Breeders  that are Dams & Sires are tested, members of ALAA  and more


















KNOW THAT SOME OF OUR DOODLES AND RETRIEVERS LIVE IN CO OWNERSHIP HOMES IN AND AROUND FLORIDA WITH WONDERFUL FAMILY'S We Breed for Excellent Quality Parents & Grandparents and GGG Parents and more . We have developed Some Pretty Fantastic Lines thru the Years and Produced Great Healthy Dogs thru ONLY Breeding Excellent Quality Healthy




Birthdate : 8/10/2011Red Fleecy Coat21 inches  46 lbsCarries for Apricots, Choc, RedsDam: Monarch of Tegan Park OFA Excellent Sire: Lil Hoss Colonial Village OFA Good PRA Normal. Eye CERF- Normal, Thyroid-Normal and Brucella. vWD test. IC-clearALAA Registered Australian Labradoodle


Carly Australian LabradoodleCARLY Stud Jacque of Acadian Labradoodles & Morning Glory that came from Julia of Aladdin  Labradoodles a ALCA Member Carries for Apricots, Creams ,Reds,Choc Sire: Acadian Jacques Pepin  ALAA FATHERS PEDIGREE ALAA REG     026507     OFA Excellent       Apricot Dam:  Morning Glory   From Aladdins Lil Katie & Seasprays Boomerang Boomer of Full Pedigrees avail by Request


CARMELLA AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLE OF BAY LAKE  of Cinderella x Lil Red an Acadian Labradoodle Dam: Cinderella of Bay Lake DoodlesSire: Janko of Noble Vestal Doodles  Tegan Park Australian Labradoodles Cinderella of Tegan Parks Monarch Carries for Apricots x RedsTesting : OFA  Pre Limb Good, Elbows Excellent,Cerf Good, ALAA Registered Australian Labradoodle Size: Med Mini DOB: Jan 21 2014 Height: 18 inches Weight: 45 pounds  Color: Dark Apricot/Red Color Genetics:  BBee  Coat: Soft  Fleece Prelimb Good hips and Normal elbows.  PRA Normal. Eye CERF- Normal, Thyroid-Normal and Brucella. vWD test. IC-clear


MAYBELLINE WHY CAN'T YOU BE TRUE of Monarch if Tegan Park Australian Labradoodles x Lil Hoss of Colonial Village  Reg ALAA Carried for Reds, Carmels ApricotsCarmel - 34  lbs Sire: Colonial Village Lil Hoss  ALAADam:   Monarch of Tegan Park ALAA RegOFA: Good, Elbows Good, Cardio Good Cerf : Good


BISCUIT OF BAY LAKE Cream - 37 lbsDam : Reese of Bay LakeSire: Rusty Australian Labradoodle Doodles ALAA RegDam:  Reese of Bay Lake of Cricket x Charlie Brown of Bay LakeCarries for Reds, Apricots CreamsOFA: Excellent, Cardio Good, Cerf: Goodby Dr Wallace Brucellious neg Vw clear REESE OF BAY LAKE F1B Parfait x Cream Tuxedo -26 lbsDam:  Cricket of Bay Lake Sire: Charlie Brown of Bay LakeCarries for Choc, Creams Patellas Excellent, Cardio GoodBrucellous Clear 


CHELSEA OF DANMAR LABRADOODLESBrittany of Danmar x Fudge Ripple of Bay LakeBorn April 2013Cream carries for Choc x Creams Prelimb Good by Dr Wallace Cardio Good, Cerf Good


 LIL BABEE OF REESE X LIL REDReese of Bay lake x Play It Again Sam(Sammy) of Sugar x Spice Parti Factor for Reds & WhitesCarries for Apricots, Mismarks Red x White Fleecy CoatsBorn May 2013Patellas Good, Heart Good, Cerf GoodDr Wallace


LUCINDA OF DANMAR LABRADOODLESStetson of Danmar x Samantha of Danmar Sherfames Red Hot Tip x Southern Charms Rhett Butler for just to name some of Grand and Great GrandparentsChocolate Born 2012Medium Size Multi Gen Australian LabradoodlePrelimb Excellent Dr Wallace Eyes Clear Cardio Good


BAILEY OF MS BEASLEY @ BAYLAKE  X RYDER Born June 2013F2 - Medium Size 47 lbs - Apricot  Grandparents- Stonehaven's Baby Ruthie English Choc Labrador of 16 Choc Champion English Labrador Pedigree s  x Artie the Parti  Choc & White Parti F1b Labradoodle from Kitsue Poodle Lines OFA Prelimb Excellent, Cerf Good, Cardio Excellent Will Carry for Parti colors, Choc and Creams Apricots


COVERGIRL OF Oreo X Sammy of Sugar & Spice Born 2013 Tri Colored Parti Black Brown x White Sabal -14 lbs Mini Labradoodle Multi Generation-American Bred Long Line of Excellent PedigreesPatella Excellent Dr Brimacomb Pre limbCardio Good-Eyes Clear


OREO OF BAYLAKE'S REVLON X HURLEYChocolate  & White Mini Parti 14 lbsBorn 2012 Excellent Patella'sCardio Good, Cerf Good Dr Wallace


FUDGETTA OF FUDGE RIPPLE X LUCINDA of Danmar Born 2/27/14 Chocolate Med Size Multi Generation Australian LabradoodleTesting Prelimb

Dr Wallace Excellent  Final OFA 7/15 Excellent



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Palm Trees

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Misty Slopes

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Pedigree's on our Doodles

Acadians Sir Wexford    of Bay Lake                               Austin Labradoodles Abigal  of Bay Lake

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