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From: Charmaine Evans <>
Date: July 8, 2017 at 7:39:11 PM MDT
To: Subject: Tootles

This is Tootles, our labradoodle!  She's six months old and we got her when she was a tiny 9 week old puppy from Baylake Labradoodle and a wonderful woman named Marcia Mobley located in Orlando Florida.  Tootles is HAPPY, healthy, a fun puppy, knows 20+ signed and voiced words.  She's loved by all nine kids that I care for in my childcare. We take her everywhere-Sams club and Costcos knows her well.  

When Marcia picked Tootles out for us, we checked several airlines to fly her to Colorado Springs. The tickets were outrageous and the flight way too long for a puppy.  My husband decided to fly Frontier to Orlando to pick her up.  What a wonderful experience he had meeting Marcia.  I recommend anyone who wants a doodle to get the puppy from Marcia.  What a sweet woman. 

Richard took her on the airplane in a puppy purse.  He would let her look out the window and people on the plane wanted to hold her.  When he got off the plane, she did a big puddle.  A lady in a fancy business suit ran up to Richard and told him not to worry as she would clean up for Tootles. When Richard came home, he sat the purse beside me.  I looked inside and fell in love immediately. There was Tootles with beautiful dark eyes looking up at me with whites showing at the bottom. So adorable!!  

She would come to me and put her tiny paws on the couch for me to pick her up. She would curl up in my arms and sleep for an hour. She would wake up for a belly rub.  She's our baby and we will never forget the kindness of Marcia!  She said she was giving me a "doll," and she was right.  

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! 

Charmaine and Richard. 



Marcia is very good breeder loves all of her Doodles  we have 2 from her now and Just recently took home Molly Mini doodle we are trilled to get our 2nd 4 legged child from Marcia @ Baylake doodles
she is the best !!!

Robin & Chip Verdes
Jupiter Fl





6/15/16   From :   Tara & Jack Olmstead  of Tri City Electric St Pete Fla

Marcia G Mobley I can't thank you enough for breeding the best labordoodle! Bentley is 7 months old. He is smart, has the most amazing personality and has been the best to train, but things have been a bit stressful and sad the last few weeks. Bentley has licked my tears and has made me laugh and has not left my side or anyone in the family. He has crawled into our Laps and has showed unconditional love! That can only come from good genes! ❤️🐶






We are so trilled with our Labradoodle & Golden Doodle pups we got from Marcia in 2005 & 2016  Marcia is hands on breeder & owner  of these great 

dogs and have tons of experience breeding them go with Marcia every time she knows what she is doing and we are pleased to  to call her our friend

Joan & Mike Dempsey

Ocala Fl 







Ariana Rich added 5 new photos — feeling blessed withCarman Rich and 2 others.

May 4 at 10:25pm · 

Missing Brody more and more each day, he's already getting so big. I can't wait to finally have him back to begin our journey! I know he will be the best diabetic alert dog any person could ever have. Thank you Marcia for blessing me with this baby boy and thank you KC for the amazing work you are doing with him💘🐾




James wrote a Lovely Email 4/19/15 :

James Brumbaugh  

10:26 PM (10 hours ago)
Marcia: WOW..... What a GREAT day meeting you and all your “girls”. You are absolutely the BEST host and I could have stayed there all day and night.  Your dog babies are only eclipsed by your wonderful attention to detail.  You are really amazing! Thank you for a great day. Sarah and cindy both can’t wait for their little packages.  As for me, I would wait years for a daughter of Cinderella. Like you, she is amazing.  Thanks again for being so accommodating.  Jim 






Thought you might like to know that the NuVet has me sold! I had read on the website that someone wrote it helped shrink the fatty tumors on their lab. Well G had gotten several of those on her tummy. She has now been on it a little over a month and guess what? Her fat deposits or tumors are definitely smaller. Some I can’t even find! Makes me VERY happy. I am sure it is helping her in other ways but having those shrink is great! I know I wrote you that I stopped the Tramadol after about a month and she is doing great.

Have seen some puppy pics you posted and they are cuties for sure! Hope you and all the doodles have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Barb & Lady Godiva


From Gretha Gelink  
Hi Jim and  Nancy,

We have a doodle from Marcia, my husband and I highly recommend  Marcia, you can rely on her, now of my best friend she is getting  a doodle puppy from Marcia" Bay Lake Doodles" in 2 weeks.

Our doodle is very healthy, never got sick! There personality is almost perfect, our doodle "Truus"( now 8 years old , we got her when she was puppy  of 8 weeks )she  is funny loving and very smart easy to train, very friendly …they don't shed,doodles don't smell as other dogs.

If you have  any questions  please feel free to call or email me at or call @ 321-948-5801.
Gerrit & Gretha.

From Connie 10/29/14

Marcia from Baylake Doodles forwarded me your letter of inquiry and as always I am so pleased to respond to anyone interested in getting a dog from Marcia. I have 2. 

I am a psychologist and my 2 doodles accompany me to work daily. These are the most remarkable dogs I have ever had, and I attribute their awesomeness not only to Marcia's expertise in breeding (choosing good partners for her dogs and good health) but to her ability to socialize her dogs. If you visit her you will quickly see that. Her dogs aren't in crates - they are in her home and yard and have the ability to socialize with multiple dogs and the numerous people that come and go from her home. Nothing fractures these dogs - they are calm and adjust to any situation you may present to them. That is thanks to Marcia. I just have never known or seen such consistency in dog behavior before I found Marcia.

These doodles are the smartest dogs I have ever had. Quick to teach tricks and skills to, and immensely loyal and loving. I will share an example of the quality of dogs by sharing something that happened in my office recently: I had a 4 year old little girl in for treatment and she was extremely disturbed as she had been horribly abused. My 4 year old dog, Rudy was in his usual spot by my desk and and when the little girl moved to the floor to pet and play with him he quickly accommodated and moved to her. All went well for a while, and then she suddenly took her two fingers and jammed them up Rudy's nostrils! You know that had to hurt. My Rudy never moved away, never growled, never aggressed toward her, he merely looked up at me with the look that said "You are going to handle this, right?"  He had the trust to know that I would, and the intelligence to know that he must not do anything to upset the client. You can't train a dog to do that - it is his innate intelligence and understanding that he has developed on his own just coming to work with me daily. So if you decide to get a doodle dog from Marcia, I can tell you that you will discover that you have a quality dog that you can take anywhere and know that the dog is predictable and well mannered and you  never have to worry about the dog's behavior in any environment. Her dogs are used all over as service dogs for that reason.If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to respond. But know that I have absolutely no reservations about recommending anyone getting a dog from Marcia. You will be getting a dog that will enhance your life, I promise you that. We were fortunate to be able to get one of Rudy's puppies, a darling female we call Lola. She too, demonstrates the same wonderful qualities of my Rudy. The fact that these dogs don't shed and are hypoallergenic and people don't have allergic reactions to them is an added plus. You can't go wrong in getting a dog from Marcia that is for sure!!!

Connie Schenk, PhD

Vicki Borror  

7:55 PM (7 minutes ago)


Hello, I would like to introduce myself... My name is Vicki and my husband is Jim Borror. We are more than happy to give nothing but wonderful references concerning "BayLake" Marcia Mobley is a true fully dedicated Breeder. She wants nothing but the best for all her dogs and will not sell to just anybody.
 Her program has worked well for her for a very long time and many of us have purchased more than one "Doodle".
 I myself have (3)... Labradoodles. Two are Standard size and (1) is a micro mini. They were very easy to train when they were puppies because they are very smart dogs. We did take "Puppy Training " and the trainer even said we have "Awesome" dogs.
 What I like about "BayLake Doodles" is many things but a few things is they are all cared for inside the home when puppies are born. She is a very responsible Breeder. She works hard to keep a clean and sanitary environment. I honestly believe she does it more for the Love of the Dogs than the actual income. Her Doodles are all very good looking too. Love both the GoldenDoodle as well as Labradoodle.
 Feel free to call me,text, or email with any questions. By the way Melbourne,Florida is where I was born...small world.
 I can send you some pictures if you like but I think you are more interested in her GoldenDoodle line. Good Luck.... Vicki Borror
 Sent from my iPad



Hi Marcia,
 Wanted to share a pic of our little man "Teddy" we got him from you in April the little runt of biscuit and lil red!!! We are in love with him, he is so smart, loves everyone and every friendly dog he meets!! He has changed our life forever, Thank you
Anna Weber


It's hard to put into words how great she is. Sophie is unlike any other dog we've ever had, she's very independent. She loves being around people but doesn't need to be like so many other dogs. She picks up on what to do or not to do extremely quickly. She hasn't tried to get in to trash even if it open right in front of her (although she loves smelling it). She only tried to take a sock once. The only thing we seem to have a hard time with is keeping her from trying to get out the front door when we open it. But the new house isn't on one of the main streets, so that will be much better/ safer for her.
I understand why these dogs are used as service dogs. I don't know if Sophie is one of a kind or if it's just the breed and you that makes them so special. Again thanks again for picking Sophie for us, she is a perfect fit for our family.

Caryn Smart

Thank you so much Marcia. It is a real comfort knowing that you are available and willing to answer any questions or concerns we have about Bailey. I doubt there are many breeders who continue to be part of their puppies lives even after they have left with their new owners. For that I am very grateful.

Paul Mazurkewitz

Sent from my iPad
On Jul 14, 2014, at 10:19 AM, 

Marcia do you have a secret sauce of something ???? Our girl Maggie is the smartest dog we have ever owned thank you so much for all you did to make our family happy with 4 legged baby in house again

Holly Pierson
Tampa Fl


 Thank you for the great Mother's Day email...since I never had children of my own, the fabulous Doodles I have had over the years from Bay Lake are my kids for sure!  Here is a picture of KiKi who is now 9 months old.  She is the BEST most sweetest and FUN pup I have ever had!  No dog will ever take the place of our Kosmo, but KiKi stole our hearts early and we just love her to pieces.

 She spends her days with me at our Day Spa and has never once barked or gotten in trouble.  She sleeps under my desk and all our massage therapists and team come in to love on her throughout the day.  She is a big kisser and loves everyone!  We think she is only going to be about 35-40 pounds...a far cry from Kosmo's 125 size...but a cutie pie that everyone wants to take home!

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to come up so soon after losing our sweet boy Kosmo...KiKi was the perfect medicine for our broken hearts!

 Take Care!
 LeAnn & Paul
 Naples. FL


Marcia Happy mothers day to you too! you are the mommy to many dogs that depend on you to take care of them and love them.  You are their mommy! I know you work hard to take care of them, and it shows.  that is why they are so well adjusted, and why people wait months to get one of your dogs.  You should be very proud of what you do and what you have accomplished. happy Mothers day! John H

4/6/14 Marcia thank you so much for 2nd Bay Lake Doodle from you, we just adore him and he and Levi have gotten to be such great friends, you are amazing in way you raise your pups and adults- I have never seen dogs that loved their owner so much and listen to every word you say,  Jodi



You sold us a mini labradoodle in December 2012. Her name is Gracie is she is doing great. Best dog that I have ever met or owned. She is about 15 pounds, blonde. She is very well behaved, smart, and extremely sweet and gentle. My mother in-law wants a mini labradoodle puppy with similar traits.Best Regards, Eric Reyes


Hi Marcia,

Oh my gosh, Winnie is incredible. She didn't move coming home, so that was wonderful. She felt very hot and feverish yesterday, I am sure form her shot and stress. She slept through the night and was ready to go this morning. She is following me all over the house, she hasn't had an accident in the house, so how wonderful is that.

Marcia, you are one in a million! I just love that you are so passionate about your doggie friends and I had the best time in your awesome home. 

I will be doing a reading on Jasper, to see what he wants you to know. Hopefully it will be this afternoon. I will email the reading to you and if you have questions you can call me. My home # is 407-869-5659 and you have my cell 321-279-8299. Do you recommend the dog trainer Sit Means Sit?  want to be a responsible dog owner and teach her to the max!!

Thank you, thank you Marcia.


Joni Rose   


  Hi Marcia!  Chewbacca is home! Marcia, I have to tell you, this dog is
absolutely PERFECT!  He is EVERYTHING I was hoping for!  His coloring is
awesome, and he has the most calm and affectionate personality of any dog I
have ever met!!  My whole family is already in love and he has only been
here for a couple of hours!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!  I'm soooo
happy that I met you!!  I will send everyone I know who is interested in a
dog YOUR WAY!!  You're the best!!!  THANK YOU!
Rachel and the Roeder Family!!!


I think our Duffy is an F-3. He is the sweetest dog I have ever owned. We had a lab before him for 14 years. Duffy was house trained completely in 1 1/2 days. He only went in the house 2 times. He is now 2 years old and we leave home for many hours and find no "surprises" when we get home. I own a store in the college Park area of Orlando so we often take Duffy to  the store. he is so well behaved and loves all the attention from the people. it is nice to be able to take him in public. every time we have him out people want Marcia's number! We have 2 grandsons that live in Georgia and when  they visit Duffy is so good with them (2 yrs and 7 yrs). Not jumping on them, snapping at them. The only thing is he loves stuffed animals and doesn't know his from theirs.I have allergies and haven't noticed they are worse with having Duffy. Duffy also LOVES other much that we are getting another one of Marcia's doodles for Duffy. Duffy is a standard size so we are getting a smaller one this time (our house is not too large). Our new doodle will come home in a few weeks. 
Marcia is great to work with and loves our Duffy as much as we do.
I hope this helps you.
Beth Nolen  - Beth Nolen Interiors Orlando Fl COLLEGE PARK


Hi Marcia!  I wanted to send you a quick note today to thank you so much for spending so much time with me this past Saturday! It was such a pleasure to finally meet you! Especially after all the wonderful things that Jana and my mom have had to say about you!  And I want you to know that I was soooo impressed with your facility and how wonderful all of your dogs are.  They are all such magnificent animals!  I KNOW I will be getting a wonderful dog from you!  When I got home from Florida last night, I told my husband all about you and the puppies.  I told him about Lucinda’s female puppy and how wonderful she is. Marcia thanks for everything!  I appreciate it soooo much!  Next time I see you will be when I come pick up my baby!  Yaaaay!

Thank you!


Rachel Roeder

From: Dale DuBois
Date: 7/19/2013 3:27:21 PM
Subject: Update on Jameson

Hi Marcia,
It's been a month since I picked up Jameson and wanted to let you know he is doing AWESOME!  He is sooo smart and easily trained. Potty training was easy once I hung the bells on the door so he could let me know he wanted to go out. It took him less than a day to learn that and no accidents!
Bailey and he have bonded and they are now at the stage they can wrestle and play. He swims well and knows where the steps are in the pool and has no problem keeping up with the big dogs. His demeanor is sooo sweet and lovable and overall he is well behaved although he seems to have a penchant for chewing candles (now out of reach). :-)He's eating well and I transitioned him to the Blue Wilderness Puppy food. He has gained a pound a week. 
He is funny, smart and adorable and I couldn't be happier. 
Thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs.

Dale DuBois R.N. 
(321)960-0332 cell


From: Deidre Saunders
Date: 6/13/2013 7:18:19 AM
Subject: Good morning

Hope all is well with you , things are great here, Sophie is house broken and sleeping through the night :)) she is doing great !!
Thank you for another amazing dog !!


From Custer Family in St Pete Fl

Hey Marcia,

I just wanted to say thanks.for the support last night.   Coopers last couple of stools have had no worms.  It looks like he has passed them all.  
    Jade and the kids wanted me to tell you how happy they are with the puppy.   They say that he is the perfect puppy.   He's getting along well here.  No accidents in the house yet, eating well, slept well and playing great.  He LOVES the kids which is great!  Chloe, our maltipoo, seems to be accepting of him in her space, but stays her distance in spite of Coopers numerous attempts to get her to play with him.  Maybe in time.  
All in all Marcia, we just wanted to express to you that we could not be happier with the puppy!  I can tell already that he is going to mix perfectly with our family and become an amazing dog!

Thank you so much,

The Custer family



Melody writes in :

Marcia you are the Best not only did you take time with us but you educated us, instead of saying here is your new puppy see ya later, We love Our Girl Sage she is so good in house and is almost all way potty trained in 1 week, you are amazing with your dogs  they all listen to you, and the neat things you talked to us about work. We promise to always send updates and pics and think of  you always

Melody & John Drake
Ft Lauderdale Fl



Connie writes to New Customer

From: Connie Schenk
Date: 5/13/2013 9:41:11 AM
Subject: Doodle and Marcia
Marcia shared your email with me as I have one of her dogs and have talked to a number of people about my Rudy and how Marcia breeds and raises her dogs. Thought I would give you my experience with the process.

Number one, after talking to others who have gotten dogs from Marcia as well as my own experience, I have come away with the knowledge that Marcia is superb at rating the temperament of dogs, as well as having expertise in breeding for best dogs possible. I would trust her opinion of what dog is going to meet your needs regarding temperament - she knows her stuff. 

When I first talked to her about a dog, she told me about my dog now, Rudy. She told me he was exceptional in disposition and temperament and boy was she right on the money on that one. Rudy is unbelievably awesome - his disposition is calm, loving, obedient not to mention extremely intelligent. He is a therapy dog, comes to work with me daily (I am a psychologist) and is allowed to go with me into detention centers, jails, schools, etc., and no amount of noise or people phase him!!!  His core is just so calm that he is cool with any circumstance I throw at him.  I never have to worry about his reaction to anything - he is absolutely predictable and perfect at all times. 

I share this with you because I have such respect and faith in Marcia's breeding abilities that I quite frankly would never get another dog from anyone but Marcia. I have told many people this too. After people meet my Rudy, they want to know how to get a dog just like him - I sent them to Marcia.  She is extremely trustworthy and if she knows what you are looking for she will be able to help you select the right dog - that I promise you. Anyway, hope this helps in your process. I know you will end up with the best dog of your life!!!  That is all she produces
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions I can respond to.  Best of luck :-)

Connie Schenk, PhD


Dr Cindy Austin paid us the Nicest Compliment there could be. " Marcia I am coming back to you after 9 yrs because you really raise and treat you doodle and dogs the Best in my opinion, We loved visiting you again April 2013 and signing up for one of Cinder's Puppies, your dogs are amazing, no cages no kennels and they love you, your house is always clean and you never have a doggie odor, Freddie my Vet assistant was so impressed with you

Dr Ken Simmons of Royal Palm is a DVM also and he and his son Chris both have dogs from Bay  Lake Doodles as of Jan 2013, Dr Ken has English Cream Golden Retriever and Chris UF in Vet School has Parti Labradoodle from Cheyene litter of Simmons Animal Hospital, look for new facility of Barker Rita Ville  Water Park for Dogs in Winderemere Fl Soon Dr Simmons loves our Dogs too 

Joe and Margie Cawley

Hello Marcia, Mr. Pixley, who was born at Bay Lakes in 2004, will celebrate his 9th birthday on 4-3-13. This note is to inform you that he has been a happy, healthy, well behaved pup all these years. If you would like some pictures of him drop us a note via email. We live in a dog friendly hi rise in Jacksonville, FL and all of our neighbors adore him. You certainly breed them right. Warm regards, The Cawley's

Ironically Cindy Austin from Georgia
is a Veternarin and called me this morning to get another Doodle from Bay Lake Fred was born 9 yrs ago, she said Fred is such a Perfect Doodle and has been wonderfully Healthy all his life and " It made my Day " thank you Cindy 

Connie writes nice comment about her RUDY Doodle

When I called to make an appointment for his grooming, the woman answering the phone asked what color Labradoodle he was and when I said Parti she said "oh my gosh I have never seen a Labradoodle Parti I can't wait!"  So when I walked in there was a ton of people including customers that instantly came over to inspect Rudy and ohh and ahh over him.  He loved it, wasn't bothered by all the attention and he just remained calm and held himself proud.  I don't know how you do it Marcia, but I tell you Rudy has all the right stuff and it always makes people give compliments and say they want to take him home with them.  I will never be able to say thank you enough for allowing me to take Rudy home with me. 

Each and every reference on our pages will be glad to write you about their experience with buying a puppy from Bay Lake Doodles.

Note: at bottom of each you will see Older Post and Can Read addition


We have Some Buyers that have 2, 3, & 4 Of Our Doodles they Love them so much

If a Breeder can not show you pictures of how the pups live or produce Pictures of the Home enviornment & or talk to people that have bought pups from them & seen the Dams and Sires. Do Not Buy from them.
Each & every reference on our pages will be glad to write you about their experience with buying a Puppy from Baylake Labradoodles Some things you may not know about me and my dogs and our accomplishments: 1. AKC registered member 2. CKC registered member 3. Canine Good Citizen Dogs & Awards working inTheraphy for Handicap people of all ages 4. Canine Doodles working in hospitals with the elderly all over the US 5. Canine Doodles being trained for A CEREBRAL PALSY CHILD and Also PARPALEGIC YOUNG MAN 2006-2007 6. Developed a Rescue Organization for Labradadoodles 2004 7. State USDA Inspected
You can see some of our Dogs in Photos with their Badges and Pictures in Nursing Homes
March 12 2013
Hi Marcia,
We both wanted to thank you for such a great puppy from Summer! We
named him Rio and he is absolutely amazing. He is super smart and
already sits, shakes, fetches, goes up and down the stairs and does
other things. More importantly he knows where he is supposed to go
potty and does it in the right place most of the times. He is growing
fast and is already close to 15lbs. He is absolutely adorable and
everywhere we go people love him! We went to a vet last week to get
his second round of shots and he did great. We can already tell that
he will be a gorgeous dog, he looks a lot like Stoli! We love him
endlessly! Thank you so much!
Katya & Chris

March 8th 2013
Thanks Marcia
She is great. Very sweet and loving. Very playful but not aggressive. She loves going on walks, running after tennis balls and Frisbees, and taking/picking the kids up from school.
I find myself getting into work later, because I like to spend the mornings playing with her.
Once you meet her, you can’t help but love her. Everyone wants to be a babysitter for her!
Todd A. Levine Founding Member
January 2013

Marcia at Baylake Doodles forwarded her correspondence to you, to me as I am a proud owner of one of her parti doodles, Rudy. I am a psychologist and Rudy goes to work with me every day, and is the most dependable and predictable dog I have ever known. He is extremely calm, with a sweet disposition and even a sense of humor! He is allowed to go into detention centers with me when an evaluation requires that I see individuals who are incarcerated and he is not bothered by all the different noises and chaos in that setting. He is extremely smart, and I have to say he trained himself - he seems to quickly catch on to what behavior I want and to just blend in. He really is quite amazing!

I think Marcia's dogs are the way they are because of her expertise in breeding of course, but the way she raises them. All of her dogs get lots of hands on loving and are raised in a family atmosphere not cages. I have only the most positive things to say about Marcia and her Doodles and when the time comes for us to have another dog, it will most certainly only be from Marcia. My Vet took one look at Rudy when I brought him home and he kept saying "this is an exceptional dog - he is perfect in every way." Rudy is my constant companion, and literally goes everywhere with me and I never have to worry about his behavior or his response to new people or environments. He is a gem!

Please feel free to contact me if I can answer any questions for you. I just know that you can't go wrong in getting a dog from Marcia. 
Connie Schenk, PhD
January 17th 2013
Happy New Year Marcia, We wanted to wish you and Your Babies the Very Best, Cooper is so wonderful that we can not stand it, so loving smart and funny we have not had a better Puppy, thank you so much for this absolute delight we share with our family. Wish we had found you yrs ago, can not say enough about the health of our puppy and how vet feels you are exceptional breeder, he had his hips xrays last week and wanted you to know that they are considered excellent. You have helped to bring much joy in our lives and made us happy again to own a Doodle that is healthy. More people should realize that you get what you pay for and we have learned that thru you, the loss of our beloved Moe took us back a notch and made us realize the importance of finding a good breeder like you. Thank you for raising exceptional Dogs, We had Cooper ringing bell at 10 weeks old to go out, he sits comes and knows cookie of course. never knew how smart these Doodles where and they are like People you where right. If y ou need me to ever send reference for you, please feel free to let me know, I can not imagine life now without our Coop he is now 11 months old
Julie & Mark Steinburg Boca Raton
Connie writes to another Future Buyer today :
Rich and Nancy,
Marcia Mobley of BayLake Doodles forwarded me her response to your inquiry as she knows I love to brag about my Rudy that I got from her. He is a Labradoodle that is used as a therapy dog. What I can tell you is that Marcia is probably one of the most awesome breeders I have ever met! Rudy is the sweetest, most calm and extraordinarily intelligent dog I have ever had. People coming into my office (I am a psychologist) always remark about how calm and loving he is. I believe that his temperament is due to good breeding and to the home environment that she raises all of her dogs in. They are brought up on lots of calm, nurturing energies and this produces the most wonderful companion dogs.I have no reluctance in recommending Marcia and her dogs and encourage people to do so. Talk to others like myself, and you will hear over and over again how unusually consistent her dogs are, and that is due to her competence as a breeder and dog lover. Should you have any questions of me I would be happy to respond, but know that I think very highly of BayLake Doodles and their dogs. I have never had such an extraordinary dog as I have in Rudy who is my constant companion and friend.
Connie Schenk, PhD

Marcia at Baylake Doodles copied me in her email to you with pictures of Thelma's puppies. I have Thelma's dad, and named him Rudy (his original name was Artie the Parti). I will attach a couple of picture for you to see of my Rudy.

I can only tell you that Rudy is a shining star everywhere he goes he becomes the main attraction. He is beautiful, intelligent, very obedient, and respectful and I can trust he will be well behaved anywhere I take him. He goes to work with me daily ( I am a psychologist) and even is able to make friends who claim to be terrified of dogs, especially big dogs!!!

Marcia is probably the best breeder you could get a dog from - she knows her stuff, and breeds with integrity and skill. Anyone you talk to that has received a dog of Marcia's will say the same kind of things you hear me say. Her dogs are calm and have wonderful dispositions and just pure pleasure to be with. That is because of the breeding, and of how he raises her dogs - they are family members and receive lots of loving and it just makes such a big difference. 

Needless to say I couldn't encourage you more to select a dog from Baylake Doodles, especially one of Rudy's downline :-) These dogs are just the absolute best!!!

I would be happy to respond to any questions if you have them.

Connie Schenk, PhD
Jay Goebel Veterinarian in Altamonte Fla and his Wife Brenda came 3 weeks ago and got their @nd Labradoodles from Bay Lake after having Walker their First Doodle from last year ! They love our Doodles and find them to be wonderfully healthy & smart
Update on our Vet Visit today, MAX is a Fabulous Puppy we all love him and appreciate you and all wonderful advise and caring for this little guyshe is smart & adorable, well adjusted Puppy My vet just oves how healthy he is is, said you did a great job raising him
Julie & Tom Maddox
Heathrow, Fla
Hi Marcia!
I hope all is well with you! Charclyde is doing just wonderful!! We love him so much! We took him on our family vacation to Sanibel in July and he loved the beach...and didn't even need any time to adjust to his new surroundings! Not only that - he was great in the car for that long drive. I think if he's with us, he's happy. That is the greatest compliment! My husband and I take him to work with us every day so, he's always meeting new people and everybody loves him! He is the true family dog. He seem to love us all equally. I've never had a dog that didn't have a preference for a certain family member. He keeps us smiling all the time. A true blessing!!! Thank you!!! Well, yesterday he went to the vet for his neuter. He was a wee bit loopy on the way home yesterday afternoon, but an hour later he completely returned to normal. And today, he's happy and crazy and jumping and running - and doing all of the stuff he's not supposed to do. Sadly, he's corralled under my desk right now to keep him still. I've attached the receipt from the vet. Please let me know if you need anything else. Otherwise, I'll look forward to receiving his paperwork.
Thank you!
Andrea Straub
Marcia We are so proud of Our Boy Charlie he rec'd his Certified Canine Patch yesterday after 2 yrs of training every moment with his training was rewarding and could nt have been possible without a Wonderful Breeder like you, we are so thankful that he will be able to assist Jake with his CP you and your dogs where a God Send, thank you frm the bottom of our Hearts
Alisa J Cannon & Family -Connecticut
When our Doodle from Bay Lake Passed Away 2 Years ago at 6 yrs old thru no fault of Marcia @ Bay Lake Doodles , Marcia felt so terrible about this because our Girl was hit by on coming car, she jumped into rescue us, after 3-4 mo of sorrow and grief, she asked us if we would like to have a Puppy of another Color as not to compare our Girl Taffy ? Marcia knew we had spent alot of money trying to save her, so she offered us Puppy for just cost of her Vet exam and Health Certificate. I just could not believe it ! If anyone ever doubts her Passion for Wonderful Doodles and Dogs, boy, they are truly mistaken. Its not about her getting Paid for the Fine dogs she breeds but about compassion for her Doodles snf the love she gives them, she was recommended to us by another couple that had two of hers and we are and have been blessed to know her. We will never look anywhere else for a Doodle but Marcia @ Bay Lake
Carolyn & Tim Peaks Maitland Florida
March 22 2011
From: Eric Moore Date: 3/22/2011 7:51:23 AM To: Subject: Update regarding Herbie
Marcia, I know it has been several months since I have given you an update about Herbie and I am sorry. Herbie is doing wonderfully and is the best dog in the world. He is loved and spoiled -- and he loves every minute of it. I could not ask for a better dog and I am so thankful that you allowed me to adopt him. He is perfect. I have attached a few photos of herbie at the beach. Also, I got him neutered this past thanksgiving. He took the surgery in stride and 


I don't know if you remember me, but we got our Oliver from you about 5 yrs. ago.  His mother was Katie and his father was Cody.  
Oliver is an amazing boy and has given us such pleasure and I've often thought of you because, you said to me that he would be the smartest dog I ever had and you were so right!  But, he is that and so much more.  
Just thought I'd send a Christmas note to you and once again Thank You for Oliver!
Margie  Postlewate


Brooke writes about Stella


Stella, as  of 11/19, is now an 'official' service dog with Florida Service Dogs! Hooray! The "in training" labels came off. We went for our certification testing and Stella did wonderful, making her a fully trained service dog.



Date: 11/18/2011 11:53:00 AM
Subject: hello from Brooke & Stella

Dear Marcia & The Doodles

An update on Blondie for you she is 9 months old now and you have never failed to deliver in your promise to us
over the last 15 yrs, this is 3rd dog we got from you and every one of them have been just fantastic ! You go Girl
We love you and think of you all time
and are happy beyond words with our New Doodle Puppy  Jasmine
Jen & Tommy Thompson
Ocala Fl


I haven't written you a pupdate in a while and I thought this would be a good time! Stella will be TWO years old on Sunday (Nov 20th). I can't believe she is already 2 years old. ALSO, tomorrow (Saturday) Stella and I will be going for our official service dog team testing with Florida Service Dogs! Stella is going to be a Florida Service Dogs graduate pretty soon. I am sooooo proud of her! We might be having our graduation cermeony somewhere in Orlando in December. I will let you know when the date is set. Of course, we would love for you to come, if possible. Stella is a VERY talented and wonderful doodle. I can't thank you enough for your generousity throughout the past two years. Stella's journey to becoming a trained service dog to assist me ..ALL started with you and Bay Lake. I will be forever greatful for your kindness!
Lots of pictures to come of the exciting events coming up this weekend!

Brooke & Stella

Eileen write from the Villages about Blondie 10/31/11

Hi Marcia,
I just thought I would send you a note to let you know how GREAT Blondie (AKA Peanut?) is.  She weighs around 14 lbs so far.. She is soooo well behaved and she is such a happy dog.  Her tail wags most of the time!  She has been housebroken for months and she can sit, stay, come when called and she will wait to take a biscuit we put on the floor until we say OK.  She also LOVES ALL her toys.  She plays with them all day and loves to play fetch with a tennis ball.  She makes us smile and laugh alot!!!  I have owned four dogs and she is the smartest and most well behaved dog I have ever had. I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful companion!

From Allen Finney 10/14/11

He bought a Beautil Parti Doodle he Named Samson

Hi there,

Day 2 with my puppy- he is the most excellent puppy in the world! People can't stop talking about how smart he is. I already have him sitting on command and am now working on "gimme your paw". Samson goes to the bathroom outside and seems to know what to do when it comes to that. Best part, he is a total lover! All he seems to want to do is please. He was amazing with my friend who has autism and cerebral palsy as the two of them were drawn together immediately. It took me more than 30 minutes to convince my friend that a). Samson lives with me and b). I'll bring him back often. 

Okay, so Samson is a wonderful companion and I highly recommend Marcia's pups to you. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Allen Finney, Ed.S; BCBA
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

From: margebernstine
Date: 10/3/2011 6:08:53 PM
To: Marcia Mobley
Subject: casey
just bringing you up-to-date on casey--without a doubt, he is, continues to be, the best, most lovable dog i have ever owned!  he loves
everyone, everything and just seems to thrive on love and attention.  he has never had a problem with our golden retriever (who is quite
old now) and enjoys playing with him.

just yesterday our church had the "blessing of the animals" and casey was just such an outstanding dog.  everyone made such a fuss
over him (which he really enjoyed), and the only growl out of him was at the orange county sheriff's dog who totally ignored him.
our vet is delighted with casey and needless to say, so am i as well as my entire family.  he is such a very
special dog!!  hope you and all your pets are doing well.  thanks again for my very special dog/friend.   marge bernstine


Deidre write me about her little Choc Doodle named Sasha today and says
" Are you kidding , I have the BEST Dog on this planet.. I wouldn't refer to anyone else but you :))

Connie write about her New Love in her Life ! 9/4/11

Here is Rudy my office with him curled up in a client chair!!  He has made a big hit with my clients and others that come into my office as he is so calm, gentle and absolutely loving of everyone!  He has taken little kids with tears and helped them to smile and truly is exactly the dog I needed and wanted. Marcia, to say that I am in love with Rudy is an understatement. He goes everywhere with me and we are truly bonded.  He is so beautiful and well mannered with a delightful demeanor and personality. I credit you with that. He is also exceptionally smart and is learning new tricks daily. 

Marcia I am immensely happy with Rudy. Thank you again for allowing me to become his new home. He and I are taking very good care of each other.


Roslyn write about her Puppy from Ruby litter ; 
Hey Marcia,

Just a quick note to tell you how much we love our puppy - we wound up naming her Ruby (like her Mom).  She is a complete joy to have in our
lives.  She is smarter than smart and so sweet and loving.  Couldn't have asked for a nicer puppy!  Thank you for breeding such great doodles.  

Roz Wicklein

6/1/11 Deanna from Sarasots adopted LUCY ( one of Ruby pups )who will be a Companion to the fabulous retirement home in SARASOTA, pretty swanky place !!! and live at the Skaggs family home at nite.
So its no doubt she will be loved and adored by many thru out the day

Hi this is Deanna from Sarasota Fl. Just wanted to let you know I have not forgotten to send pics of Lucy ( you may remember as "Java") We really love her soooo much!!!!! She is beautiful, funny,smart,spoiled, (did I say spoiled lol) and so friendly! She is perfect! Well... I wont tell you just how many of my shoes she has left her autograph on :) She is in the process of starting her training. She will do wonderful. The vet said she is perfect! Just wanted to keep you updated. 

Send pics soon 


Temma write in about her Two Doodles
from Bay Lake 3 yrs apart and loving
life together;

Hi Marcia,
Just wanted to let you know that Taffy was spayed on April 25th.  
She's doing great.  She's very funny and very smart.  House breaking was fairly easy.  I showed her once how to ring  bells when she has to go out and she got it the firsttime.  Blew my mind!  She can entertain herself with toys for hours.  Taffy loves to chase the German Shepherds and play fight with the Golden Retriever at the dog park. They must know she's young because they never hurt her.  Sometimes Taffy drives Doodle nuts just like any little sister.  He's very protective of her. 
 Richard and I are able to go out together again as Doodle has Taffy to keep him company so he's not alone and afraid.
Richard finished his chemo in February is doing great!  The dogs helped him get through the treatment.  We have you to thank for that.
Take good care.


Steve Spalding writes :

It was such a pleasure to meet you and all of your four legged children! The 
decision to pick one of those great puppies was so hard because all of you kids are so great! Maggie was an angel on the way home as she slept in my arms and then wanted to explore. She didn't get car sick or anything. I can't thank you enough for all that you did for me to get to meet those wonderful puppies. The two young men that you have helping you were so kind to see that I could get in 
and out of your house (and you were very kind to me as well). 
We couldn't have made a bad decision and I just want to say thank you for the 
wonderful work you are doing in bringing so much joy to so many people. 

Maureen in Winter Park Writes

that Beezy is fabulous Choc Labradoodle
at 6 mo old, smart funny and loving and is very happy in her new home !

Pam write 3/28/11 : 

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful Rufus is and how happy we are with him.  He has the most wonderful personality and is just as sweet as he can be.  He is in puppy classes right now, 3 down, 3 to go and has already learned to walk beside us on his lead, sit, shake hands and we are still working on stay.  He was potty trained within the first month and is the social butterfly of the neighborhood – loved by all the dogs (Molly, Knox, Max, Mika, Simon, Spot, Esme, Ginger) and their humans.
He has finished all of his shots and will be neutered sometime between May and June.
This is his first Portrait and I think they really got a couple of cute ones.  The photographer wanted to try and get one of him laying down too, but he just wouldn’t stay down for 2 seconds so we had to go with the sitting which he is really good at already.
I hope you like these and I will try to send some more candid shots when we get them.
Thanks again for raising such wonderful puppies!

Dear  Tony,
My wife and  I have 2 dogs from Marcia , a labradoodle and a black golden
doodle .  They are healthy, happy and  loving dogs.
Marcia takes great care in breeding the best to the best and the genetics
have proved true.
I have several friends who have doodles from Baylake and all are very happy.
Bill  and Noel Barnett
623 West Winter Park Street
Orlando, Fl 32804
Office 407 644-3991 Home 407 704-2233
Cell 407 920-6620 Office fax 407 644-6779


From Charles about his Doodles

Subject: FW: Baylake Doodles-references
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 14:58:47 -0400

hello cynthia,
my name is charles , My wife and I have had many pets (family members )over the years and in 2006 we lost our last pet named rachel. our hearts were broken over that and it took 3 years for us to get over that.   In february of 2010 we purchase two wonderful parti labradoodles from marcia. It's kind of funny how we came to marcia who lives in our home town (20 miles away ). First we looked for several months for a pet that would have a better chance to live longer than the normal 10-12 years. we looked all over the U.S. for dogs of every type, via the inter net. we then settled on a labradoodle from everything we had read as to temperment,health and long life. We then talked to our vet who is a close personal friend (next door neighbor )and got his opinion on the labradoodles. He said that the labradoodles ( hybrids ) just don't seem to have the medical problems that most blue blooded dogs do. that pretty much made up our minds as to the labradoodles. our last girl rachel had cancer at ten and we did chemo and a lot more to keep her alive 3 more years.
My wife and I spent about 2 weeks looking for labradoodles all over the U.S. we then came to marcias webb site and called her. when she called back we talked for about 30 minutes before we found out that she was only 20 miles away. when you talk to marcia she has a way of letting you know she has been doing this for a long time and she made us feel comfortable with her. We had talked to a lot of people and we were lucky to find her just 20 miles away. she sends us emails and we have sent her up dates on our pups. she always returns emails and phone calls.
I will send you some of the emails we have sent her and then you can tell if we are happy with her.
she has made our experience with a breeder a good one!!!
I hope this helps you with your decision making.
Our 2 pups are now 7 months old and we have had no problems. And we love them to death.  people  stop us  every where we go  and ask us what kind of dogs we have.
good luck,


I searched for a Mini Labradoodles and 
talked to Marcia several times and talked to several others breeders all
over, there was something that kept drawing me back to her and her knowledge of dogs, and I went to visit her and was so impressed with the way she raised her Doodles, they do not live in crates they live in her large home and have lots of free space. I could not believe how quiet obedient
they where around her, I was sold
she is the great and now our pup is 5 mo old and the best I could have asked for, good breedingvery healthy my vet is now getting one from Marcia

Suzi Robertson
West Palm Bch, Fla

I first visited Baylake after about a month of looking for a good
breeder in Florida.  I sent Marcia a mail and spoke to her via phone a
couple of days later.  It wasn't long after that that I visited her
and her dogs.
I am still impressed with Marcia's welcoming presence from when I
visited.  I went up last weekend for a third visit (the second with my
labradoodle pup) and stayed roughly three hours.  Her dogs are all
well-mannered and loving, almost to the point where I would want to
take more than just one.  I had a chance to meet the parents of my
pup, and visit with almost all of her other dogs and pups; while I'm
buying a labradoodle, I wouldn't hesitate to pick up any of the others
as they were all great dogs.
She's in Orlando and I would definitely recommend her to anyone.  You should definitely visit even if you have already made your mind up to
buy from her, as it is a great experience for any dog lover.
If you need to know more please don't hesitate to ask.
Rob Beasley


We have a golden doodle and a labradoodle, Moose and Joey.  I was a cat person.  I am so in love with these dogs!  My husband just keeps saying he can't believe what "cool" dogs they are because they are so great, and he has had dogs his entire life.  Calm but playful, smart but sweet, eager to please but not fearful or skittish.   They get along with each other, with other dogs, with children, with other people.  Great swimmers.  
Our vet has a golden doodle - loves the breed and he is no pushover.  When we take our dogs to the vet, they tell me that my dogs are hands-down some of the best looking and sweetest doodles that they see.   Marcia knows what she is doing and it shows. 
Debra Beck


From One Gator Fan to Another :
Linsay writes about Percy

Hello all,

I am the Mommy of Percy, a wonderful and loving 1st generation Labradoodle. He is chocolate colored and just turned 1 year in March.  He is so tenderhearted, playful and happy. He loves to walk/run but his favorite thing in the whole world is going swimming. We take him everywhere we go. We just had our first baby in December and he quickly adjusted to her joining our family. He is so sweet/gentle with her and we can see that he really loves her.Marcia has been wonderful to us. We have referred several people to her and we plan to get another BayLake doodle in the near future. Our next door neighbors also have one of Marcia's pups (as do my in-laws) and Percy plays with both of them often.  He does great at dog parks with other dogs, and let's kids pet him when we are out and about. 
I can't say enough about Marcia. She has always been available to us whenever we've had questions. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions...I'm happy to help. I attached a picture of Percy!!

Lindsay Page

Bay Lake Doodles are nothing short of spectacular. Marcia is a pleasure to work with. I was looking for a dog to become my service dog. Marcia let the trainers come to her home to evaluate her pups. She was very accommodating and allowed the trainers to evaluate first an entire litter, and then a particular pup (a total of 3 times). It required extra work for Marcia, and she really went out of her way to help me out with selecting the perfect pup.
The dog that was chosen for me was a 3rd generation labradoodle with a fleecy coat. Please see the attachment for a picture of my service dog in training. Having seen Marcia's home and dogs, I would not hesitate to get another doodle from her. I know the price initially seems like a lot, but knowing how much effort Marcia puts into having exceptional pups and seeing the results with my pup, I feel that it is a small price to pay for a fabulous doodle.
For me, the pup's temperament was the most important quality in a dog that I would get. Stella has proved to be nothing short of exceptional in every way. 
I can't say enough about Marcia and Bay Lake Doodles. I am have been so pleased with the entire experience of getting a pup through Marcia. 
I would advise you to go and see the dogs or pups you are interested in. I don't think pictures can do Marcia's dogs justice. You have to see them for yourself! 
Please feel free to ask me any questions, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can e-mail me at
Good luck finding your perfect doodle! 
 Noel & Bill Barnett Reference Orlando

Let's get together soon. I want see those puppies.Ali is a love. I didn't think we could get a dog as good as Jeb but she is. We love her so much and so does Jeb. You really know your business by breeding the best, most loving dogs.
Love Noel Barnett

From Pat & Edwin Grapevine, Texas

Dear Marcia,
What can I say except to say the Sophie is a delight.  Not to brag, but she is smart, alert,not nervous and is very loving.  What else could one ask for in a new puppy. In both airports, Ft. Lauderdale and Dallas people turned their heads as we went by. One lady asked me is she was a therapy dog.  She followed us thought the airports and traveled like and experienced travel-fell asleep on the flight.  She was not car or air sick.
She has settled down nicely to her new surroundings and people.  On Sunday we had a family dinner with the girls and their dogs, Baxter-( Golden retriever and Beeper -Japanese Chin.  She had a great time.
Of course, everyone fell in love with her and could not believe how social and smart she is.Having waited to get a dog, she is more than I expected. I could not be more pleased.  It is all in the great handling and great breeding.  I cannot thank you enough for how wonderfully  you handle all the dogs and pups.  Without that good start, I do not think they would be so social and relaxed with people and other dogs.  I will do everything to keep that up.
Sophie is starting basic puppy training on Saturday Feb 27 for an hour. I met with the trainer and he thought she was very well adjusted for such a young pup. She knew her name the first day and sat on command the second day. I handle her a lot- all over her body including ears and mouth etc. She is very relaxed and gentle. As I am sending you the e-mail she is asleep at my feet.  She is my pretty little shadow.
We have a routine-  She is now sleeping through the night- has a morning nap and afternoon nap is her crate. I have to tell you this.  Last night at 8:20 P.M. she galloped down the hallway to our bedroom where her crate is.  There was no stopping her.  She flew right into her crate. She was telling me -I AM READY FOR BED!  I could not stop laughing.  She is too smart.
That is all for now and I will keep you in touch with her progress. She is a beauty and we all could not enjoy her more.  I have sent you a slide show with a few pictures of our pick up and with our youngest daughter Vivian meeting Sophie for the first time on Jan. 28,2110.  
The weather has been rainy on and off.  Edwin has not forgotten what he promised to send you.  I am sure you will have it by the weekend. It was so nice seeing you again and best to all of you at Bay Lake Doodles.
 Pat and Edwin 

Marcia has been a very experienced dog breeder and Owner for many years, she cares for her pups in the house and has their best interest at hand. All of the Dams have a private room and facility to have their babies in her house, not outside. This is very important step in making sure that the pups are well socialized and given lots of attention daily. There is nothing Marcia would not do to make sure all medical and social skills where administered during this time. I have not seen one person that did not admire her dogs and love being in her home to greet them.  If you are looking for healthy Dams and Sires she has them and she will spare no expense in buying the best pedigree and testing them for sound healthy parents and taking care of them. Marcia's dogs can be found thru out the US and overseas in Germany too. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great dog. I have  helped her and worked with her for years
Dr Billy Austin

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