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Nicole Johnson

November 5  2016 at 11:15pm · 

Tampa Bay JDRF 10th anniversary gala. Approx 500,000 raised for T1D research! A wonderful night with the best puppy sitter/auction helper in the world - Ava. (Puppy went for $5,000!)



I can not say  enough about meeting Nicole Johnson in my home in 2013 when she came to buy her Labradoodle " Lucy " from us, she is a wonderful  Chairman & Spokes person for Juvenille Diabetes Foundation in St Pete, Fl and all over US. Lucy was trained over last 2 years and passed as a Service Dog for Nicole that had a platform when she won the Crown of Miss America 1999.  In 2014 Nicole came back to visit us and brought Lucy and Ava her daughter and her father to pick out another Labradoodle that will go to a lucky family suffering from Diabetes . Lucy the Doodle travels around country with Nicole & Ava and detects low blood sugar in Nicole and others as well. It makes us proud that she choose Bay Lake Doodles !


Thank you Nicole and keep up the great work you do with the Juvenille Diabetes Foundation


You are truly a blessing to all that meet you  

Marcia Mobley                                                  

              Nicole Johnson came to Bay Lake Doodles  to get her therapy Doodle she is  Miss America  - her Service Diabetic Alert  Doodle Lucy is from Our Wonderful Maybelline & On Oct  5th 2016 Nicole & Ava her daughter took home Patch to keep and raise also - We also for 3rd time donated a Puppy for the Juvenile Diabetes Gala In Tampa Nov 5th  Auction Read Below 

Nicole & Ava 11/5/16 Gala

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