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Pedigrees :

Registered Labradoodles  with  Australian Labradoodle Assoc & Australian Labradoodle Club of America &  American & English AKC Pedigrees             

Thru the Years of Breeding we have Many Doodles that have  been registered by Breeder/Owner

Tampa Bay Labradoodles Sir Winston at Bay Lake

 Tegan Park Cinderella

Acadian Tee Red Bayou 

PR Labradoodles  - Jack Doodle Daniels @ Bay Lake Doodles

Jack Doodle Daniels Mother testing

Lil Red of Acadian Evet

Trinity Labradoodles of Rainbow Row White Collar Kylie  -  Trinity's Ruby Tuesday  of Kylie @ Bay Lake Doodles

Kylie Pedigree

Chowder -English Cream Golden Retriever

Polar Bear 

Acadians Sir Wexford

Austin Labradoodles Garden Parti Abigal

Joey Brown @ Bay Lake Doodles of  Trinitys Molly Brown 

Leave it to a Puppy Named Fazi of Riverbend at Bay Lake Doodles to eat his own pedigree- Lol 

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