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Puppy & Adult  Application for  Bay Lake Doodles 407-523-8216 This is not a Contract to Buy a Puppy but a form for us to get to know you. If approved we will go forward with a Contract & Deposit !


You can right click and print this form

(can be emailed to Marcia - Please do not use instant messages to send this for)


We will review daily and write you immediately back- Please ck off if you agree

We do want to talk with you on phone and get to know you !

We want Puppy from New Litter coming up or Just Born ____ and understand these new litters are $ 2400.00  with a 5 yr health guarantee & more. These prices are firm.

Name(s) __________________________________________


address where pup will live :


cell phones: _______________________________home #____


________________ Work #'s ____________________


_____________each person ___________________


Current Vet Name & Address  & Phone # ___________________



Children & Ages _____________________________________

Experience with Dogs & raising new pup? _____________________


Other pets in house ___________________________________

Fence yard ? ______  Willing to keep new pup trained in classes _____


Socialize pups after all shots done _____  Agree to keep pup groomed __

Willing to crate train at night and when away from home ______


Leash train _____ invest in training classes _____

You must agree to spay or neuter contract _______ No breeding rights.


Labradoodles are social loving comical and very smart. But they need grooming and someone home with them certain times of day. If you work 8-10 hrs day a puppy is not good choice for you. 


We hope we can place a wonderful Doodle with you and Welcome you to tell us more about you. Our babies are hand raised in the house !


Additional Information you may want to tell us :_________________






Come where everybody knows their Name !

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