The Most  Common Question I am asked ?


What is the Difference Between A Labradoodle and A Golden Doodle ?


To Begin I Love both of them !


I personally only bred English Labradors not American bred and I will only breed English Cream Golden Retrievers, as they do not carry the cancer gene America Goldens have. any veternarian will agree with that they are also

Like English Labrador more laid back.


I do not breed as many Golden Doodles as I do Labradoodles as you can not create Multiple Generations of the Golden Doodle like you can with the Labradoodles. Why ? Coat issues in the Golden Doodles tend to be too curly and wiry in Golden Doodles after 2nd and 3rd generations.  Normal generstions are 1st 2nd 3rd


However, the Australian Labradoodles that we breed are Multi Generation as up to 7- 8-9 generation desireable Fleecy Coats. The Golden Retriever has a thick coat to begin with and then mixed in the Poodle creates curly thick coats.  But the Labradoodle has been taken to greater degree of Labradoodle to Labradoodle almost creating its own type and coat if you will.


Its hard to take the Golden Doodle beyond the 3rd generation.


It is also been my experience that the Labradoodle is little more independent and very intelligent when it comes to Service Dogs and Therapy Dog work. The Golden Retriever is a marshmallow and loves being a velcro dog to you which indeed is wonderful for a family. 


But my preference is Australian Bred Labradoodle and all its fine loveable flexible personality.


there was a time when I had 7 English Cream Golden Retrievers now I only have 2 Golden Doodles and many Australian Labradoodles because of the diversity of the gene pool and colors you can produce with the Labradoodle.



Murphy Labradoodle

Miniature Baby Labradoodle

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